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Thatched house reading composition 400 words

450 words after reading the grass house: I have read many books, and one of my favorite books is "The Grass House". Reading it, one by one live images appeared in my mind: the naughty Sansang, the serious and silent Di Sancho, the quiet paper moon and the bald Lu He. In the article "Lu Crane", because Lu He has no hair, he ...

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"Water Margin" 400 words after reading composition

450 Words After Reading The Water Margin: The Water Margin is the first novel in Chinese vernacular to recapture the peasant uprising, a structured block novel in ancient vernacular. "Water Margin" is a masterpiece of the famous writer Shi Naiying in the Ming Dynasty. One hundred and eight Liangshan heroes are shaped in the story: such as the flower monk Lu Zhishen, and the rain in time ...

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"Secret in the Valley" 400 essays after reading

450 secrets after reading "Secret in the Valley": This summer, I read a lot of books including "Secret in the Valley", "Summer of the Crocodile", "No Head and Unhappiness", "First Grade Big Man Second Grade Little "Solo" and so on, the one that impressed me most was "The Secret in the Valley". That year, a small village was facing hunger ...

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"Fan Card" 400 words after reading

400 words after reading "Fanka" Today, I read the article "Fanka". This article mainly writes that a nine-year-old child was sent to the city by an grandfather as an apprentice. No one likes him there. He wrote that he wanted Grandpa to take him back, but the address of the recipient was not clearly written on the letter. How could the letter be sent out? From ...

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Reading the "Celebrity Biography" with 400 words

Reading the "Celebrity Biography" with 400 words "Celebrity Biography" was written by French writer Roman Roland. The book contains three well-known characters in the world: Beethoven, Michelangelo, Tolstoy. Of the three characters that moved me the most was Beethoven, a musical genius. When he was young, his father discovered that he was talented in music, so he ...

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Read the "Three Kingdoms" 400 words

Reading "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" has 400 words. "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is a novel written by Luo Guanzhong. It is one of the four masterpieces in China. It has many heroes and historical stories. It is very exciting. I especially like this book, and some of the stories in the graphic version have been read several times. The book Good Night Xinyu tells about the end of Eastern Han Dynasty, the three kingdoms of Wei, Shu and Wu competed for the sky ...

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"Education of Love" after reading 400 words

400 Words of "Education of Love" After reading this week, I spent five days reading the book "Education of Love". When I finished reading this good book that teaches people how to be human, I felt deeply: This book Written by Italian writer Amicis, the book "Education of Love" reflects the various stages of society through the diary of a pupil ...

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400 Words after Reading Disciples

400 Words of Disciple Guidance after Reading Recently, I read a book called Disciple Guidance. Disciple Guidance is called China's national studies. It is a very popular enlightenment textbook in Qing Dynasty in China. Moral education, some of them are written like this: Parents teach, listen, parental responsibility, and obedience. The meaning of this sentence ...

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