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Painting really fascinates me_Composition 300 words

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Painting really fascinates me

I am fascinated by all kinds of interesting things in the world, but what fascinates me most is painting!

Painting is not only my hobby, but also the hobby of many people. People have their own hobbies, their own spiritual pursuits, and their own wisdom to create. Everyone has their own goals, and I believe there will be unlimited fun there. It can not only provide people with rich imagination, but also express the impression in their minds.

Because I like to paint, my childhood life was full of fun, and my life was full of love. No one can appreciate my fascination with painting. However, painting sometimes brought me a lot of trouble, such as the ink on one face, the dirty face on the one hand, and the classmates were also soiled by accident, and sometimes my mother impatiently made me wash and soil myself. Clothes. No way, who made me like drawing so much.

Hey! How I draw a beautiful pattern now, give the school, give him the aroma of books, give it its rich and colorful; draw figures, draw his joy and sorrow, draw his sweet and bitter.

When I went to the river next to the mountain of Aunt Ma, looking at the willow by the river, it was so charming, just like a girl, casting their hopes by the wishing pool, I would like to paint all this with a brush, but I After choosing appreciation, I finally understood the teacher's words: the real beauty is not just explained by painting.

He fascinated me because it led me to the most beautiful depths of nature. Tao ruled my sentiments and made me understand what real beauty is!

Writing really fascinates me

Writing really fascinates me! Seeing this sentence, there may be many people who will burst their belly and laugh at me as a nerd! Laugh at me! But I still stood up and said loudly: Writing really fascinates me!

In fact, to be honest, I didn't even know how the composition was in elementary school. The composition is imagined to be Nth! As soon as the composition is mentioned, the nerves of the brain will become knots. Whenever the teacher arranges the composition and returns home, he removes the big book from the big book, puts it on the table, uses the little myopia eyes to search the catalog, finds the appropriate article, and then cuts and pastes the entire sentence Go in. Because at that time, we all thought that essay writing was a combination of wonderful sentences, and the wonderful sentences were cut from the composition.

But in junior high school, I started to like writing, became fascinated and became crazy. Probably it was the Maxima that met Bole before it was called the real Maxima. This sentence is true. I originally visited Mr. Chen, who had taught us math before, to visit him at the elementary school. Who knew that I met Mr. Zhang, a very efficient Chinese teacher, who gave me a 360-degree view of literature? Completely changed. Now I recall that when I was a child, my composition was simply a copy of others.

I remember that the first composition I published was called "After Injustice", the first printed composition was called "Standing on the New Starting Line", and the first praised composition was called "The Start of Growth". I write the composition in my mind. They are my most cherished words, the best memories!

Writing really fascinates me!

I remember the first time I took the manuscript fee, the teacher said: haha! Weilong, your new work has landed successfully! The teacher handed me the lovely banknote. Although not much, the touch is so kind and gentle! How happy I was to hold 30 yuan. I stared at the lovely banknote tightly. The man did n’t cry easily. I seemed to cry, but I saw everything clearly.

So _ I picked up the sheets of white paper and wrote them densely, painting every chapter of my life in a flash.

Writing really fascinates me!

I don't have Shakespeare's literary talent, nor Ian Stein's mind; neither Beethoven's enthusiasm for music, nor Leonardo's love for art

But now, I have become an enthusiast for writing. I must write one or two articles every weekend. As if I do n’t write for a while, my hands are out of control. My mind is full of those characters in the novel. Those gorgeous words and expressions are full of moving plots!

Composition is real, be real. I realized the truth of being a man from literature. I realized that failure breeds hope, and hope contains the future. I learned to stand up from failure and see success from success!

With my hand, write my heart. When happy, I will pick up the pen! When I am lonely, I will pick up the pen! When sad, I will pick up the pen! All the depressing bits and pieces of the conceived and conceived in the heart are swayed on the paper, chic and unconcealed. Looking at the character full of life, I let go of my heart and suppressed everything, pain, sadness, loneliness, everything is gone, and some are just comforting! Some are just loyal to literature! Some are just bright!

Writing really fascinates me!

Painting really fascinates me

I like to paint. Because it makes my childhood life full of fun and makes my life full of love. No one knows how fascinated I am with painting. My goal in life is to go to the championship podium for painting. However, painting also brought me a lot of troubles, such as the ink on my face and the dirty face, which made my classmates dirty by accident. My mother told me to wash it myself, but I couldn't help it. Who told me to love painting so much. I defeated them with my perseverance.

I was very excited when a painting competition was held in the school. Because I can finally show my skills. I was painting seriously in the past few days. Can one picture be two or three? ? ? ? ? ? Until I am satisfied. My mother was afraid that I would delay learning and often advised me not to forget to learn. Every time I promised, I didn't take it seriously. I like to paint, so I draw a little bit of oil paintings, sketches, and crayon drawings, but what I do best is oil painting. This time, I will draw an oil painting for our classmates to see. Because my classmates called me crazy, I decided not to let this nickname overshadow. In those few days, I was thinking about drawing in class, and thinking about after class and vacation. So my learning is like running downhill: straight skiing. Teachers and parents are worried about me

The art exhibition is about to compete. I am ready. The goal of my life is ahead of me. I must work hard. The moment I stepped onto the podium, I felt that I was carrying a heavy load. I wanted to be able to play with peace of mind, but my education declined, and I lived up to my parents ’expectations. After the game, I got the most honor First place, I am so happy. In the future, I still ca n’t do without drawing, because it has already occupied a large part of my life. The teacher often called me to the office and gave me reasons and reasons, but I couldn't hear them at all. I have to draw in class and I have to draw in class. My drawing skills have improved a lot, but? ? ? ? ? ? ? Hi! I don't know how to face this learning.

People have their own hobbies, their own spiritual pursuits, and their own wisdom to create. Everyone has their own goals, I believe that there will be unlimited fun, cheering and hard work. Painting really fascinates me. My life is wonderful because I have it, and I have a bright light because I have it.

father. calligraphy. I

Caring is a spring breeze that warms my young heart; the love given by my parents is a torch that illuminates and guides me in the direction

Calligraphy is a unique Chinese traditional culture. Since I was a child, I have witnessed my father ’s charismatic calligraphy. I saw a strong and powerful calligraphy calligraphy on the wall of our house. I asked Dad who wrote it, and Dad said, "Look at the drop in the bottom left corner!" I looked left and right, I didn't see who the author was. I only knew one word in the seal. I think it must have been written by my father, and my father smiled satisfactorily.

Dad's calligraphy is so beautiful and sophisticated, all kinds of fonts can be written, including Lishu, Kaishu, Xingshu, Wei style, etc. Some words are brilliant, some words are dignified and powerful, and some words are tender and tender, which fascinates me. Dad is famous for Li Shu and has many friends in calligraphy.

His works have participated in exhibitions of calligraphy and paintings by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Textiles, the National Federation of Trade Unions, and have achieved excellent results.

I was also fascinated by calligraphy under the guidance of my dad. My dad first told me that if I want to practice calligraphy, I must start with the basic skills and not rush to achieve success. He asked me to read the post in addition to the post, not to write first, to understand the structure and meaning of the characters. After you have a sense of mind, you can copy and practice hard. This is how my father taught me the calligraphy Now, I think it is correct. At that time, I just didn't understand dimly, but my father always patiently gave me a demonstration.

When I was practicing calligraphy, my father's eyes looked like that. My dad never gave me a hard index, but induced me to take the initiative to learn and understand the truth from it.

Once I was writing the word, I wrote it very much. When my father checked the new word I wrote, he said that you knew another new word. That's great. But after a while, Dad found that the words in the vocabulary book were the same, and I showed my sloppiness. At that time, Dad did not criticize me, but praised me, because I learned two new words at once, and Dad also explained to me patiently. The meaning of the word and the structure of the shelf. Because of this, my calligraphy writing progressed very quickly, and my father always inspired me to practice calligraphy with more praise and less criticism.

In the end, I want to tell my dad with my sincere and plain words: Your contribution will be rewarded! !! !!

I love Wuzhou Qilou City

I've climbed the red maple-like Fragrant Mountain, and I've been to the picturesque Lijiang, but I have a soft spot for the fascinating ride on the city. My hometown is Wuzhou, where there is the most beautiful city of riders. Anyone who has been here will be deeply attracted by her beauty.

As night falls, the lanterns shine brightly, and they walk into the city of towers. The remaining temperature during the day has been washed away by the bright moonlight. Under the illumination of the iridescent lights, a series of continuous silhouettes of the towers are formed, exquisite and majestic. There are irregularities. The exquisite doors and windows, brick carvings, archways, etc. are all overflowing with a classic atmosphere, while the original Roman columns, circular arch windows, and dome carvings exude the charm of Western culture. The decoration of each tower is very particular. Whether it is the doors, windows, or the pillars of the room, the walls are carved with dragons and phoenixes, and the paintings are carved. There are various reliefs under the eaves, on the windowsill, and Western-style iron. Fence observation deck. Of course, there are the old iron rings that have faded, and the lifelike little bronze men, they seem to present before us the most glorious historical fragments of the city of cyclists. After two years of transformation, the city of cyclists has a new look. , Not only retains the traditional culture unique to Lingnan, but also blends into the flavor of modern European style, making Qilou City more unique and charming, making it a living dictionary recording the customs and customs of Wuzhou in the past, and also attracting tourists from all sides The beautiful scenery is truly a living business card that Wuzhou handed to the world.

Not only is the Qilou Tower enchanting and charming at night, but the legend about Qilou Tower is also fascinating. According to legend, Wuzhou used to send floods. When the floods came, they were always caught by surprise, dead, injured, and many people had to face the miserable scene of displacement and destruction of their homes. For this reason, not only did people complain. The bitterness of the people passed into the ears of the two dragons in the sky. They couldn't bear to see the people being so tortured, and they went down into the world. One dragon used its own body to support the second side of the street to build the beams. On the first floor, another dragon leaned over the empty place in front of the gate on the first floor as a sidewalk for pedestrians to come and go to shade and rain. From a distance, it looks like riding on a sidewalk, hence the name of riding a building.

So, so far, Wuzhou Qilou City has become a beautiful scenic line in the local area. If you visit Wuzhou without going to Qilou City, it will be a waste!

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