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"The Daughter of the Sea" After Reading 400 Words

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"The Daughter of the Sea" After Reading 400 Words

This holiday, I watched a fairy tale "Daughter of the Sea" which tells a moving story between a mermaid and a man.

The hero in the fairy tale "Daughter of the Sea" lives in the depths of the sea and is a mermaid. He spent more than 300 years in the underwater world, and then turned into a bubble, ending her life's happiness. She gave up her life at sea and endured the pain to turn her fish tail into a human leg. She later saved a prince and fell in love with him, and the prince married a princess of a neighboring country, and she hoped it was gone. If she continues to be the daughter of the sea and stabs the prince, she can return to her family and return to her own world. But she did not do so, but she poured herself into the sea and turned into a bubble.

I like "Daughter of the Sea". She taught me the value of life. I must have strong perseverance before any matter, and face it bravely. In this book, I not only know some good stories, but also get a lot of inspiration and education. When I encounter difficulties in life, I have to face like a mermaid.

You must be as persistent as a mermaid in your studies.

"The Daughter of the Sea" After Reading 400 Words

The Daughter of the Sea in Andersen's Fairy Tales tells a moving story between a mermaid and a human. The most moving part of me is the scene that happened between the prince and the little mermaid.

I think the little mermaid is a very kind "mermaid". Because when her six sisters used their beautiful hair, they exchanged a sharp knife from the witch for the little mermaid to be born again. As long as the little mermaid pierces the sharp knife into the prince's chest and lets the prince's blood drip on her feet, her feet will immediately turn into fish tails, and she can live freely in the sea for a full 500 years. If it were me, I would not fail my sisters' expectations and kill the prince. But she did not do so. Because she knew that if she killed the prince, there would be another person as painful as her, so she didn't have the heart to do it, and she didn't want to do it. The little mermaid would rather sacrifice herself than the happiness of others. From this we can see how innocent the little mermaid's heart is. Kindness!

I don't know how many tears wept for this story and for that kind and poor little mermaid. How hard it is for a person to sacrifice his own happiness for the happiness of his loved one! How great it is! But we usually care about small things in the class and even use force. What a shame to shake your heart out in front of the little mermaid!

Little mermaid, although you are so far away from me, I think you are so close and close to my heart, because your pure heart has made me inextricably bound with you.

"The Daughter of the Sea" After Reading 400 Words

I read a book called "Daughter of the Sea" this summer. The book describes the bravery, strength and kindness of the little mermaid.

In the East China Sea, there are seven mermaids who want to take a look on the ground. There was a little mermaid very beautiful. She was 12 years old and she went to the ground.

The little mermaid looked beautiful on the ground. Suddenly, the little mermaid saw a prince passed out, and a girl rescued him. The prince woke up and saw that the girl had saved him. The prince planned to marry her. The little mermaid cried sadly because she wanted to marry the prince. Then she went to the witch to let the witch remedy her. The witch said it could, but after turning into a leg, she would walk on the glass stab and the prince would not love you, you would become a bubble, the witch said, but what do you exchange for The little mermaid said that I didn't have a witch and said then give me your tongue! The little mermaid couldn't help but say okay! The witch cut her tongue and gave her the little one the antidote to drink the medicine.

The next day, the little mermaid got up. She walked as if walking on a glass spur, but she held back. She walked into the palace, and the prince met her. She liked it very much at the end. The little mermaid didn't marry her son, but just became the prince's sister. After a while, the little mermaid sister came and gave her a knife and said that as long as you insert the knife into the prince, the blood will flow out of your heart, and your legs will become greasy on the tired legs. The mermaid will take the knife. I still can't bear it. It was thrown into the sea, and the little mermaid gradually turned into foam and floated on the sea.

I read this article and learned that we must be as strong as mermaids when we are in danger; we must be as good as mermaids when we are treating others.

"The Daughter of the Sea" After Reading 400 Words

Today, I read the article "Daughter of the Sea". After reading, my eyes became wet and I couldn't calm down for a long time.

The main content of this article is: The Little Mermaid rescued a handsome prince at sea. In order to see the prince, he asked the witch to turn his fish tail into a human leg and lost his voice. She met the prince, but he was about to marry another princess. The little mermaid was very sad. In order not to hurt the prince, the little mermaid jumped into the sea and became foam.

This article tells us that kindness is precious. Compared to the Little Mermaid, I'm far too far away! Thinking of this, the past rolled in my mind. (After reading jajshop.com)

That was a thing a few months ago. That day, when I came back from school, I saw a beggar crouching in front of my house, and walked over to her and shouted, "Why are you old lady, crouching in front of my house? Hurry up, don't block our house for business." He said, "Why do I have to get angry every time?" I left without answering her. The next day, I went home from school and saw this old woman again. This time she was not as lucky as she was the first time. I said to her aggressively with a stick: "Old woman, you go quickly, otherwise my stick doesn't have eyes." When I drove her and she didn't leave, I threw the stick at her, "bang", the stick Hit her in the leg. She could only lift her feet and slowly moved elsewhere. This time I feel at ease.

Now, I read the article "Daughter of the Sea" and learned that kindness is very precious. Later, when I see the weak, I will definitely help them and learn to protect the weak.

"The Daughter of the Sea" After Reading 400 Words

Today, I read a story written by Hans Christian Andersen—Hai's daughter, mainly about Hai's many daughters, the youngest being the most beautiful. The little mermaid went to sea at the age of 15 and met the prince and fell in love with him. In order to pursue love and happiness, jajshop.com, hesitate to endure huge pain, took off the fish type in exchange for the human figure. But the prince eventually married princesses from other countries. The little mermaid's grandmother told her that as long as the prince was killed, it would not turn into foam. But the little mermaid dropped into the sea and turned into a shell.

Many students say that this is a tragic story, but I firmly believe that it is a happy and fulfilling story. Because the little mermaid can finally make the prince and the princess live together, as long as he is happy, the little mermaid is happy. She loves the prince. For him to be happy, she gave up this love and gave up her life. The kindness of the little mermaid, sacrificing oneself to fulfill others' noble qualities, is really worth learning. Although the little mermaid can't have eternal happiness, at least she had a short and beautiful love, she became a bubble, silently guarding the prince in the sea.

The little mermaid has the happiness of guarding, the prince has the happiness of missing, why isn't giving up a kind of happiness, a kind of love?

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