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`` Work like an ant, live like a butterfly '' 600 words after reading

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Work like an ant after reading 600 words

In order to better promote reading, share the joy of reading, and promote the construction of a scholarly campus, on October 14th, all members of the reading club and teachers under 35 gathered for the first reading exchange. Mr. Song Chunmei shared the beautiful article "Working Like An Ant, Living Like A Butterfly" for everyone, and talked about her post-reading thoughts in combination with her class management and teaching work. She said: "When we can't change the objective, the best way is to change ourselves." "When you let go of anxiety, irritability, and burden, your career will no longer be tired, and your life will be happy." "Adjust the pace of life and adjust yourself Diet, relax your emotions. Amplify the strengths of the children and affirm their strengths. (Because only the physical and mental health of the teacher can cultivate healthy children. "The classic words, personal feelings, let the teachers present aftertaste endless.

Teacher Wu Haiyan recommended the good book "Courage to Teaching" for everyone, and talked about her recommendation reasons and reading experience. "In the book" Teaching Courage, "Palmer encourages teachers to live a complete and harmonious life so that they can better engage in teaching. It gives me courage and confidence and leads me to find myself," she said. It is more important to be a teacher who studies the internal landscape of the self that is related to teaching, not only the courage to dissect the self, but also the action of dissecting the self, knowing the real self in the anatomy and turning back to the ego! Only by doing so Will truly be responsible for the lives of students! "" As a teacher, you must learn to talk with your own soul. Only in this way can you present your mind to the students, and real teaching can take place. "Teacher Wu's wonderful speech made teachers Resonance won applause.

During the nearly one-hour communication activity, teachers shared reading wisdom and shared their thoughts. It should be said that everyone was inspired and felt the charm of reading. These reading feelings from the heart touched the hearts of the teachers. Everyone said that they should read more books, read a good book, nourish themselves in reading, cultivate themselves in appreciation, happy themselves in sharing, and promote themselves in activities. Let reading become enjoyment, let reading become a habit, let reading become a love, and books become a salt in everyone's daily life.

Work like an ant after reading 600 words

Repeated work makes it easy for us to lose our passion. How to renew our enthusiasm for work and make our lives more fulfilling and valuable? Books are the golden key to unlocking our hearts. Therefore, on this reading day, I recommend a book entitled "Working Like an Ant Like "Live Like a Butterfly", I hope that the viewpoints and examples in the book will give you a deep understanding and stimulate the motivation of work.

In the daily work, we are sometimes exhausted in the face of environment and personnel. On the one hand, our own life cannot be handled properly, and on the other hand, there is a gap in our own quality. In reading this book, if you are a very executive employee and despise procrastination and laziness, do you have results? Welch once said: "The most important quality of a person is his speed of work." Especially the words of a manager: No matter what level you plan to do your job, but as long as you are willing to do it, you can do it. Everyone can achieve good results, no matter how difficult the situation is, as long as he is willing to knock, try, and work hard! Any job is difficult, as long as we dare to find problems and solve problems, we will surpass ourselves.

How to improve work efficiency? The book mentions: classify work. In the work, you should develop the habit of gradual, clear, and focused energy. Start with the most important things, and delay the things that are not important; complete the work regularly every day, and focus on these things within the predetermined time every day. Arrange this at the start of the morning or afternoon, and don't disturb this habit unless you have something else to say. After reading this, I tried to change my working habits, and I felt that this is indeed the most effective way to improve my work method. It allows me to do important work first, and it makes people a lot easier.

"Sun Tzu's Art of War" reads: "Ask for the top, get the middle; get the bottom, get the bottom; get the bottom, you will lose." If we don't want to be drowned out by ordinary life, we must learn not to let ourselves go, and not follow the wave. Just like nowadays, we can not have a lot, but we cannot lose ourselves, and let work become our pride, we must constantly reflect on ourselves and improve ourselves. When there is no goal, I cannot locate myself, and the book is like a timely rain, which steadily supports my "gravity" and stimulates my strength to go in a better direction. In the book, the change from "leisure" to "sage" in the workplace has given me a lot of inspiration. Find directions when you are confused, jajshop.com. Through self-judgment, adjust your mindset, pinpoint positioning, and activate potential. It is necessary to participate in more platforms that help career development, improve their own qualities, improve their comprehensive skills in expression and communication, and win a richer life for themselves.

Reading is a spiritual feast. When the views in the book resonate with one's heart, it is an indescribable power. We will find that books are the navigation of our lives. Reading is the most meaningful thing in life, and it is also the best thing you can do.

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