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"Bird Slave" 600 words after reading

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"Bird Slave" 600 words after reading

I had nothing to do during the winter vacation this year. I flipped through the bookcase to see what books looked good. Suddenly I saw the book "Bird Slave" and I was immediately attracted by the title of the book, so I read it.

The main content of this book is probably like this: On the plateau with many cliffs and cliffs, there is a large green tree on which snake snakes and myna are inhabited. According to the truth, my elder brother should be eaten by snakes, but here The elder brother who lived was not eaten. Why is this? It turns out that their eggs are always eaten by snakes in order to not be eaten by snakes, and they live with the natural enemies of snakes—snake carvings. I hope snake carvings can protect them, but these snake carvings are not fools. He will allow himself to protect them in vain, so my brother took the initiative to be a slave to them, so my brother's family was not eaten. In order to please the owner of the snake eagle, Lao Mao (that is, the male's brother-in-law) gets up early every day to help the family of the eagle eagles clean up the feces and clean the room. It is better to die. Only a little bit, then, my brother's child hatched, but died under the claws of his master. In the end, the snake-carved baby grew up and flew out of the nest. The brother-in-law's family had no use value and was ruthlessly driven out by the snake-carved family. In the end, they saw Shen Shixi because "I" caught the snake twice before, thinking that I was the nemesis of the snake, so they came to be my "slave" again ...

In order to survive, they can only swallow in this weak and strong world, and start a "slave" life. The younger brother died and their hopes shattered, but they still have to pretend to be indifferent. It is also the life. The snake carving family is extremely precious, but the old brother's family is like mud. Although my brother is a slave to others, one thing that is worth learning is courage. If you do n’t have the courage, how dare you live with the snake carving? How many people have such courage? I ’m afraid there are n’t. , But afraid to be laughed at.

In this world of weak meat and strong food, we must learn our skills and have courage so that we can go further than success!

"Bird Slave" 600 words after reading

Last week, I read an animal novel "Bird Slave" by Shen Shixi, the "king of Chinese animal fiction."

This novel is about a pair of snake sculptures and a pair of mules nesting on a large green tree in the northern Yunnan Plateau. The snake eagle couple gave birth to two snake eagles, and the brother-in-law gave birth to four brothers. In order to avoid the attack of the snake, the brother and sister-in-law came to the nest of the big green tree where the snake sculpture lived, hoping the snake sculpture would protect them. In order to please the snake-carving couple, they took the initiative to become slaves to the snake-carving family. Get up early and take care of the young eagles every morning and clean up the eagle's nest. However, the four younger brothers died under the claws of the snake carving family. When the two young eagles grew up, flew out of their nest, and flew away, the value of the brother-in-law was also squeezed. The snake-carved couple ruthlessly expelled his uncle from his nest.

After reading the article, I felt that nature was weak and strong, and the fittest survived. Weak people will be bullied, backwards will be beaten. In fact, in life, when you can't change the surrounding environment and the world, what you want to change is also what you can only change, which is yourself. Constantly sharpen yourself in life, make yourself strong, brave, wise, and able to flex and stretch in order to gain a foothold in a competitive society. This may be the thinking left to us by the author.

My brother bravely lives with snake carvings for the sake of future generations. It takes a lot of courage and guts. Although they lost their children in the end, they did not easily give in to fate, and tried every means to change their destiny and do their best to protect their children. What a great mother's love and father's love! This story makes me feel that parents' love for their children is endless. We should thank our parents and everyone who paid for us!

"Bird Slave" 600 words after reading

What exactly does "Bird Slave" mean? With doubt, I started reading this book.

It mainly tells the story of a snake-carved couple and a brother-in-law couple living together on a large green tree. The author, Shen Shixi, was surprised to find that the brother-in-law and snake eagle were actually the master-slave relationship of the human world. The snake sculpture was originally a natural enemy of my brother, but they can build a nest together and live together peacefully, which is really incredible. It stands to reason that the two brothers-in-law should have been eaten by snake eagles, but this is not the case.

Because of the pressure of life, in order not to be eaten by the greedy snake, the brother-in-law had to move house again and again, but the sly snake could find them every time, and they had to please the snake eagle. And to show their usefulness to the couple of snake eagles, they worked hard and complained and became the slaves of the snake eagles. Because only in this way, my brother's family can not be attacked by poisonous snakes.

After reading this story, I had infinite sympathy and sorrow for my brother-in-law's family, and their willingness to be slaves deeply hurt my heart. They tolerate them for survival and for the safety of their offspring. Yes, because they are not strong enough, they can only live under the protection of a snake sculpture.

In fact, this story also tells us that in real life, isn't our human world the same? If we don't have strong skills and strong will, it will be the same fate as my brother-in-law. If we want to avoid, we have to change ourselves and enrich ourselves. From now on, cherish the knowledge taught by our teachers and the living skills taught by our parents, so that more cultural and scientific knowledge can enrich our minds. Only in this way can we find our own golden key, open the door to success, and become a strong person in life.

"Bird Slave" 600 words after reading

Today I finished reading the book "Bird Slave". Its author is Shen Shixi. Shen Shixi is particularly good at writing animal novels. The animals in his writing are vivid and exquisite. Some are timid and fearful; some are loving and indomitable; some are fierce and kill each other; some are self-denial; others are tender and lovely. They are all clever and intelligent. I like the two small stories in it, they are Dharma Monk who knows divination and Gray Couple.

The first story: Twenty years ago, "I" raised a bird: Dharma monk, it was clever, "I" named it Buddha and used it for fortune telling. I once met a middle-aged woman with a yellow face to tell fortunes. "I" thought: If she was tested correctly, the reputation of "I" and Foer would be loud, and business would be better! But Foer thought she was His life was too bitter, so he won a lottery. "I" had to read "A large branch with yellow leaves, the birds on the tree panicked, and went to find holy water, and watered the diseased tree to sprout." Later it was achieved, so Asked the rebels to come to look for fortune telling, "I" was very scared, and he asked the Buddha to draw one for the sign, but the Buddha was rather unyielding, and he won the sign three times, jajshop.com. Already. There is a wicked report of eternal rebellion. When he died, it was the third anniversary of the death of the Buddha. ()

The second story: "I" raises a group of geese. Among the white geese, there are two gray geese, one called "gray kid" and one called "Cinderella". When they were married, the name was "Gray Couple". They have the lowest status among flocks of geese, and the water bay is Huluwan. After they gave birth, the "giraffe" returned Huluwan to its own territory. Cinderella went to fight and lost, but "Cinderella" treated Cinderella in a wedding manner, making Cinderella confident, defeating "Giraffe" and regaining her own territory.

I felt that Cinderella violated the rules and finally won the victory and regained her own territory. When I saw the reclaimed territory, I thought of Cinderella's fairy tale: Cinderella was only happy with the help of the fairy godmother. Here, "Cinderella" defeated the "Giraffe" by relying on her own wisdom.

If "Cinderella" is a person, it will overcome difficulties and succeed at work. Only by defeating your opponent will others despise you. Don't pay attention to appearance, the most important thing is spiritual beauty and wisdom. We must learn the wisdom of "Cinderella", read more books and accumulate knowledge.

I like to watch "I Love Invention" most. Everyone has a wise mind. It depends on how to use it. Make the impossible possible or transform it to make it more complete. I have to read a lot of books. When I become wise, I will build a fully automated house, with automatic washing, automatic washing, and nutrition detectors. I can also listen to stories before bedtime ...

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