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"Let's Go to the Sea" After Reading 400 Words

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"Let's Go to the Sea" After Reading 400 Words

"Let's Go to the Sea" is the second novel in "Old Things in the South of the City". The protagonist Lin Yingzi moved to a new home, met a strange man in the haystack next to her, and became friends. Yingzi always listened to his storytelling. When he was happy, Yingzi picked up "Let's Go to the Sea", which he learned from the elementary school textbook, so he agreed with the strange man to "Look at the Sea". However, Xiaoyingzi didn't know that their wish could not be realized, because the friendly big brother in Xiaoyingzi's eyes had a poor family background, and he needed to support his blind mother and to study for his younger brother. Each household stole something and was eventually arrested by the patrol police. "On the blue sea, the white sails and the golden red sun rise from the sea ..." This beautiful wish was then dashed.

When it was written in the book that the stone-lined tarpaulin was wrapped, the hutongs were filled with burglars, and strange men squatting in the haystack, I felt like I had a lot of questions to solve, and I wished I would turn to the last one. See what it is. When Xiaoyingzi knew who the thief was, I couldn't help but be shocked. The thief turned out to be the amiable brother who often told stories to Xiaoyingzi. I think: The big brother who is tied up with a white rope by hand is very different from the big brother that Xiaoyingzi met! His original talk and smile, very close to people, made me unable to accept this fact.

"Let's Go to the Sea" is the most emotional one in "Old Things in the South of the City". This article contains the joy, sadness, and curiosity of Lin Yingzi's childhood ... The joy of playing with the "wild child", found The curiosity of the tarpaulin learned that the criminal was the sadness of the elder brother ... This is all the emotions in the article, because we all have emotions and we can't forget them.

There are many unexpected things happening in Xiaoyingzi's childhood and my current childhood, but every time I save the day.

Lin Yingzi is Lin Haiyin. This article is about Lin Haiyin's childhood. I think, if Lin Haiyin's childhood happened to me, how happy I should be!

"Let's Go to the Sea" After Reading 400 Words

I finished reading "Old Things in the South of the City." This is the masterpiece of the famous female writer Lin Haiyin, who described the warm and happy family of Yingzi in a courtyard in the south of Beijing in the 1920s. Little girl Lin Yingzi followed her mother and mother across the sea from Taiwan to Beijing, living in an alley in the south of the city, the camel bells in the ancient capital of Beijing, crowds, and downtown alleys. Through the protagonist's eyes, it shows the sadness and joy of the adult world. Story after story with different characters lead me into Yingzi's childhood. "Crazy woman" in "Huian Pavilion", "Thief" who took risks for his younger brother in "Let's Go to the Sea", Auntie Lan who was kicked out of her house in "Auntie Lan ..." The story constitutes Yingzi's brilliant childhood.

This chapter in "Let's Go to the Sea" left me a deep aftertaste. Yingzi met the people on the grass. During the conversation between the two, the person asked Yingzi several times whether he was a good person or a bad person. Too many, it's difficult to divide. "Although Yingzi couldn't answer, he gave the man" Let's Go to the Sea ". However, the man was caught for theft, and Yingzi watched him go back. The unknowing mother also taught her: When she grows up, she will write a book about today's affairs, and talk about how a bad person is a thief. "However, Yingzi rejected it firmly. Yingzi, only seven years old, used himself The idea told us: "There are no absolute good and bad people in the world, and no one can really distinguish between good and bad."

Yingzi grew up unknowingly. Her childhood was wonderful because she had a pure heart. From this I learned that every moment of childhood is an important passage for one person, and it will always be the most beautiful time in our hearts.

"Let's Go to the Sea" After Reading 400 Words

The sea in the author's pen is rich in resources, like a big treasure house. We were playing in the sea, and the sound of songs and laughter accompanied us to splash the sea, and the sound of splashes was like a song. In the arms of Haide, we used anthropomorphic methods to integrate us with the sea.

The sea in the author's pen is far apart, vast and vast. On the big seashore, I can talk to the beach with excitement, can enrich our soul, and can strangle our longing. In short, the sea is a symbol, a symbol of ideals. This is where the light is. It is a place full of temptations. It is a place to start a business. It is a place to achieve ideals. It is a place to realize personality values. Therefore, the "sea" described by the author is actually the ideal of the poet.

"Let's go to the sea" expresses the author's love of the sea's thoughts and feelings and yearning and pursuit of the sea, such as life expectation and inspiration. ()

"Let's go to the sea" is a poem writing book, I like it very much! It made me realize the magic of poems, knowing that the poem has its true story. Only by earnestly realizing it can I feel its fascination, which is really wonderful! In this amazing book "Let's Go to the Sea", my favorite poem is "Looking at the Sea". In this poem, I feel an infiltration The world of beauty is a world full of love. I feel the dream in my heart. Oh, I heard the daughter of the sea and every cheerful laughter ...

In this wonderful book "Let's Go to the Sea", I fell in love with the poem "Share Growth" again. I saw the warm heart of "Share Growth" and I saw the path of life together. Looking for that shared happiness! I heard the laughter shared. Reading Jin Bo's poems, we are so impressed that the feelings of his poems are beautiful; the life of his poems is also beautiful; the nature of his poems is even more beautiful.

Thanks to Mr. Jin Bo for allowing me to read such a collection of poems with unique characteristics. I will also study hard and continue to develop and progress in the future, and live a childhood as beautiful as poetry.

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