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Journey to the West: 500 words

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"Journey to the West" 500 words after reading:

"Journey to the West" is one of the four famous books in China, and my favorite is "Journey to the West".

"Journey to the West" mainly talked about Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, and the sand monk protecting the Tang monk to go west to learn the scriptures. He encountered difficulties in 1989, descended demons and demons, turned danger into danger, and finally obtained the true scriptures. One of them is memorable. This clip is called Three Dozens. The story tells that Bai Gujing became an old lady for the first time in order to catch Tang Monk. Sun Wukong saw that she was a monster and then beat him but failed to kill him. The second time Bone Bone became an old man, but he was still not killed. The third time he became a woman and the daughter of the old lady and old man. Revenge for her parents! As soon as Sun Wukong saw that it was white bone essence, he picked up the golden hoop stick and hit the white bone essence. Finally, the white bone essence was killed. But when Tang Seng saw Sun Wukong killing people and let Sun Wukong go, Sun Wukong went back to Huaguo Mountain in a hurry. I really don't understand. Sun Wukong protected Tang Monk, but Tang Monk drove him away.


After reading this book, my feeling is that it is not easy to accomplish any major event. If you want to succeed, you must put effort and hard work, and you must work hard to be successful! In the study, you must insist on doing it like Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong's courage, the spirit of Zhu Bajie's right to change, the integrity of the sand monk, the kind heart of the Tang monk. This is the reason why I like this book, because the quality of these characters is worth learning, I believe you also like this book, let us think of reading as a happy thing, and feel the charm of this book together !! Author: Li Yuze

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