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450 Secrets in the Secret in the Valley

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Everyone comes to cherish every grain-450 words after reading "The Secret in the Valley":

After reading the book "The Secret in the Valley", I was moved by one of the plots.

The book states that there was a village in the past. Since there was no drop of rain from summer to autumn and it was affected by drought. People are thin, cows are thin, horses are thin, and even the birds in the sky are hungry and thin, unable to move, they fall from the sky and die. A beggar passing by in the village could not get food and died in the classroom of the village primary school. The first female classmate who found the body of the beggar was scared and speechless for a long time, her eyes were horrified. It seemed that she was meditating?

Seeing this, I was shocked and deeply lost in thought: adults often say that people are iron, rice is steel, and one meal is not hungry. Our happy life is not easy now, we have food every day, and good food. But I often eat a lot of food and eat it. I ca n’t eat it before I eat it. There is no CD action.


Now thinking about those famine-hungry animals and people in the village, I feel that it really shouldn't be. If the dumped rice is given to the bird, the bird will not be hungry from the sky and fall to death. If the dumped meal is given to the beggar, he will not starve to death in the classroom. Cherish the glory of food, shameful waste of food!

Everyone, please cherish every grain! Contributed by Lin Yuyang

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