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"A Brief History of Children's Life" 800-word composition after reading

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"A Brief History of Children's Life" 800 words after reading:

"A Brief History of Life for Children" is one of the "To Children" series edited by Bei Dao, and it is a science book aimed at children. In fact, this book is also suitable for adults who are interested in evolutionary biology, especially teachers who have the responsibility of “preaching and preaching”. Reading, comprehending the brief history of life, two points are more profound.

I. This book is an excellent popular science book that integrates "science", "literature" and "interest".

scientific. Miao Desui is the first Asian scholar to win the prestigious award in the paleontology community, the North American Paleovertebrate Society Romer Award. As a professional scholar, the author introduced Darwin's scientific investigation, Mendel's pea hybridization experiment, Morgan's fruit fly experiment, Watson and Creek's DNA double helix structure model, and paleontology when introducing the origin and evolution history of life. Fossil research and other important research and discoveries of the family not only popularize knowledge, but also help readers to glimpse the true face of scientific research. More importantly, it also promoted the scientific attitude of scientists who persevered in exploration and research.

Literary. The author's profound humanistic literacy can be seen everywhere: revealing the fossils "seems to be the most unusual rise, as easy but difficult"; mocking Darwin "intentionally plant flowers will not bloom", Mendel "inadvertently inserting willows and willows"; describe the extinction of life and rebirth "sink Thousands of sails pass by the side of the boat, and ten thousand trees are in front of the sick tree "; borrowing the American poet Frost's" Ice and Fire "and Xi Murong's" A Flowering Tree "to express his own thoughts ... and so on, Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign poems are quoted by hand, and the integration of science and humanities is just right.


Interesting. The author of this book pays attention to using easy-to-understand language to help children understand "Who are we? Where do we come from and where do we go?" Asked this day. "The sea, the home of life", "Normandy landing" of life, "It feels good to breathe fresh air", "The amphibians are in season", "The end of the strong crossbow of the great development of paleontology" and other interesting subtitles are attractive Attention. The restoration pictures of various animals and plants in the fourth episode of "The Course of Life" are vivid and impressive, as if they have witnessed the historical evolution of living things with their own eyes.

Second, appreciate nature and cherish the present.

The power of nature is unparalleled, and sometimes the changes are earth-shaking, but life in nature has always been advancing and evolving. From the original simple creature to today's diverse and colorful world, the evolved life has undergone numerous baptisms of "ice and fire", which is worthy of people's awe, and people can't help but sigh: "The history of life evolution is so magnificent!

"Looking up at the size of the universe and looking at the prosperity of the category", how lucky we are that we have survived as "fish leaking from the net" in the severe mass extinction event! Therefore, in the face of the magnificent river of history, the disturbances in life are not worth mentioning. We must relax our hearts, be grateful for nature, and cherish the present! Author: party

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