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800 Words in Composition after Reading Extramarital Affairs

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800 words after reading Extramarital Affairs:

First of all, I read the book on extramarital affairs. I think that this book written by Mr. Zhu is very comprehensive. Basically everything you can come across or have encountered extramarital affairs can be found in the book. If you have any doubts, The answer can also be found in the book.

After reading this book, we will also have a systematic understanding of extramarital affairs. We understand the life cycle of the development of marriage, know the stages at which marriage is prone to problems, and we can prevent it early. We also learned how extramarital affairs can happen, what type of extramarital lover the husband is looking for, what kind of people, and why are extramarital affairs happening? What's wrong with our marriage?

How should we face Primary Three after having an extramarital affair? How to face your husband? How to face yourself and other people? What's more, we can not only understand these, but also find specific operating methods from the book. We can use his methods to better handle our marital relationship. The operability is really strong, and this is also my strong One of the reasons for recommending this book.

In addition, we will also find some conceptual differences in the book that are completely different from our previous ideas. I feel this deeply. I will talk about it in the following aspects:

1. Saving the marriage requires persistence and a protracted war.

Under normal circumstances, our understanding is that the husband is derailed. As long as he returns to the family and is willing to survive, the matter is over. But this is not the case. The return of the husband to the family is only a step in the management of extramarital affairs, and it is not the end.

Later, there are contradictions and conflicts in marriage that need to be resolved; the trust between husbands and wives needs to be established; the emotions between husbands and wives and the community need to be built; protracted war.


Second, the man who engages in extramarital affairs does not want to divorce.

The first reaction of most people when they encounter extramarital affairs is definitely divorce. This husband is fucking outside. He definitely doesn't want to go through it anymore. He definitely wants to divorce. Not at all. If the husband wanted to divorce, he would not carry it out with his wife behind him. He could divorce and do it again, so that he would not feel relaxed or condemned.

Usually the husband engages in extramarital affairs. He is just escaping the conflicts in the marriage. He is only looking for the complementary role that his wife is not satisfied with. What he wants is a perfect combination of two women outside the house.

3. Unless you are sure to divorce, there is no need to hurriedly investigate whether your husband has an extramarital affair, let alone find an extramarital lover.

When we find that the husband is different and has an extramarital affair, we often want to know who this extramarital lover is. We want to investigate it clearly and want to put the evidence in front of the husband to let him admit his fault. But what I want to tell you is: Unless you are sure to divorce, there is no need to rush to investigate whether your husband has an extramarital affair, let alone find an extramarital lover.

Extramarital affairs are just a manifestation in our marriage relationship. If we do not want a divorce, then what we have to solve is the nature of our marriage problem, that is, the contradictions that exist in our marriage, rather than just solving the appearance of extramarital affairs. Author: Sun Lili

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