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Wang Yangming's Heart Learning Composition 500 Words

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Wang Yangming learned 500 words after reading:

A few days ago I studied Wang Yangming's mind, and these days I have been thinking about his "knowledge and action in one, four sentences". Examining our behavior in daily life, I feel that there are many problems that need to be slowly optimized and compensated.

One or four sentences

There is no good and no disgusting body. There is good and malicious movement. Knowing good and knowing evil is conscience, and removing evil for good is a good thing. The height of the realm can only be intelligible. I also can't make a clear interpretation, let's figure it out. I can't understand it too narrowly, and I can't understand it too macroscopically. Just right is the best. Adhere to the principles, sustainable and scientific development, daily self-examination, the pursuit of self-improvement and the pursuit of social peace.

Take the littering as an example. The rubbish needs to be placed in a place that does not interfere with others. This is a basic common sense and it is the so-called innocence and evil in our hearts. If you are lazy and littering, it is your selfish desire, laziness, and evil; if you find other people littering, you help him put the garbage where it should be. It is your care of the environment and love to live in the master Is good. You know that littering is not right. It is right to care for the environment. This is conscience. You feel ashamed of your littering and take the initiative to pick it up and put it where it should be. This is a grid. It is better for people to be more good and feel at ease.


Knowledge and Action in One

Knowing and Doing Oneness. Knowledge is the beginning of action, and action is the achievement of knowledge. This matter can not be separated and said that knowledge and action should be together.

Let's just talk about exercising. We all know that exercising is good for your health and you don't get sick; obesity is not good, it will cause poor image and physical fitness. But most people don't take the initiative to exercise, why is this? This is that most people cannot achieve the unity of knowledge and action, and it is also easy to cause formalism, cutscenes, etc., and there will be three days of fishing and two days of drying the net. Why do some people say that if you insist on 21 days, you will like to exercise, this is the effect of doing things.

In daily life, how to regulate one's behavior, turn to the good and evil, temper the body of one's heart, and achieve the unity of knowledge and action. Let us move forward together, and the road ahead is not difficult. Author: seriously is to insist

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