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"Country Doctor" 800 words after reading composition

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Patient doctors in the human world, there are all incurable diseases-"Country Doctor" after reading 800 words:

This fantastic novel written by Franz Kafka in 1817 is said to be one of his favorite short stories. Why-such a bizarre story-is still popular today, a hundred years later? Is it because the truth of this world-very unfortunate-has been unfortunately seen by Kafka, who was alone and suffering in the past, and, more unfortunately, more than a hundred years after that, he was bewildered by illusions and sensational. The truth concealed by the lie is still mercilessly revealed in front of some sober minds by Kafka's unreal nightmare text. After reading this short story, I was completely defeated. During the dizziness, I felt:

The world is sick, humans are sick, and the disease is incurable. It is the subject of a metaphor in the "Doctor in the Country". An elderly and infirm village doctor Yin Yefeng went to the home of a patient ten miles away in the snow, first felt that the sick boy was not sick at all, and then, under the inspiration of Shenma, he found that the child was really sick. "His body There is a large palm wound under the right waist. The wound is rosy red, different shades, dark in the middle, lighter on the periphery, fine grains, and the wound is full of blood, but it is distributed and It is uneven and the wound is open like an open pit mine. " Whether the child is sick or sick, only God knows! From the moment the boy saw the doctor, he said, "Doctor, let me die." Later, the doctor felt that he should also die. "I am an old country doctor, and the maid has been taken away. What else do I want? Good ending! "How intriguing.

The many words and deeds of the doctor and other people in the story are linked, and the conclusion is self-evident: the patient is sick, the doctor is sick, everyone is sick, and the disease is incurable and incurable!


The poor doctors, the poor patients, the doctor-patient relationship, and the irreconcilability may be a common problem that the "Doctor in the Country" mocks. It is not easy for an elderly village doctor to toil in a potentially large area, and even to see a doctor in the middle of the night when it is freezing cold. Once at the destination, work. "It is easy to prescribe a prescription, but it is difficult to communicate with people." The doctor sighed sincerely, he knew that the patient's parents and sisters hoped to heal their brother's illness, just like our divine doctor Hua Yao. Naturally there is nothing wrong with this, but their family is too eager, and the elders in the village, as well as the teacher leading the students, and a series of people's unreasonable attitude will undoubtedly make the doctor feel more pain and helplessness, and he only rushed to flee.

Linking to the rather tense relationship between the doctor and the patient who ordered the outrage, look at the passage: "They always ask the doctor to do things they can't do. They have lost their old faith; the pastor stays At home, they shred their robes one by one; they have to let the doctor cure all diseases with a pair of surgical hands. "People might think that Kafka is living in the present, today.

There is no pie in the sky, there is no love in the world for no reason, life is a bitter sea, and there is no return to shore. It is undoubtedly the cruel nature and warmth behind the false human love friendship implied by the "Doctor in the Country". The village doctor dedicated his dedication. After receiving the call, he was struggling to drive without a horse, because he was exhausted in the snow and ice, and the horse was exhausted the night before. He wanted to try a pig cart, but the gods helped two horses and a coachman. Hehe, don't be too happy, this groom is not an angel— "the messenger sent from heaven", but a conspiracy with imagination—he came to the beautiful young maid Rosa of the country doctor, presumably It's a long-cherished plan. The two god horses left with the doctor Fengchi cordially, but the driver stayed to occupy Rosa. The cost of the visit was too great. The doctor was helpless, worried, and deeply regretted and unable to extricate himself. However, it was all too late, and the poor country doctor could only sigh: "I've been deceived, I've been deceived! Just listen to the deceptive ringing bell in the middle of the night-you can never recover it."

In connection with the current tumultuous and mad society talking about friendship and praise for love, after reading the "Doctor of the Country" seriously, don't you know that people can still be emotional?

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