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800 characters in the Ming Dynasty after reading

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After reading those things in the Ming Dynasty, I felt 800 words:

The author wrote a million words about the establishment and the demise of the Ming Dynasty. In addition to history, he also talked a lot about human nature: rights, hope, pain, anger, hesitation, indifference, enthusiasm, strength, weakness, integrity, Measure, loneliness, cruelty, forgiveness, patience, evil, justice, truth, persistence, compromise, kindness, loyalty.

In the long river of history, the Ming Dynasty is only a small part of it, but if you understand the rise and fall of the Ming Dynasty, you will basically understand the entire feudal dynasty. Because history has never changed, technology has changed, clothes have changed, diet has changed, these are all shells, and nothing has changed in them. It is still the same set from thousands of years ago, and the mistakes to be committed are still to be committed. Those who should be killed still have to kill. Yue Fei will die, Yuan Chonghuan will die, and after another thousand years, he will die.

All that happens is because it has a reason for it. We know all the mistakes, but after all, we can't change them, because of our own desires and weaknesses. With so much space, the author tells the rise and decline of a dynasty, but at the end, he tells another little story. Because he wants to tell you that the so-called Qianqiu industry, eternal flow, and everything, just dung. It turns into dung and then into soil.

About the story of Yihong Xuyi. According to historical records, he has loved to play since he was a child, and he played harder and more special. He did not throw sandbags or roll hoops. He just walked around blindly. When he met a mountain, he went down the river. great.


In addition, he hated exams so much that when he grew up, he was asked to go to the examinations and never die. The plot, as it stands now, is roughly equivalent to resisting the college entrance examination. Xu Hongzu didn't want to take the exam, didn't want to get ahead, didn't want Qingshi to stay famous, he just wanted to play. However, Xu Hongzu's parents didn't hit him. Instead of hitting him, he also told him that if you want to play, just play and do what you like. In this way, Xu Hongzu, who is not very wealthy, left home at the age of twenty, wearing frugal clothes, no attendants, no guards, and brought dry food to the mountains and rivers alone. He lived in the wind and lived alone. Once home, just for climbing.

Without the support of the government, without the help of friends, I have traveled alone for more than 20 years in the world, in all 13 provinces of the country, all over. During the journey, he also started taking notes. Every day of his experience, he recorded them in detail. Given that in addition to his name, he also had a number called Xia Ke.

The notes he left are said to have a total of more than 2 million words, but unfortunately they have not been retained. The remaining part, about several hundred thousand words, has been compiled into "Xu Xiake's Travel Notes" by future generations. In this book, the details of the motherland's mountains and rivers, including geography, water conservancy, and landforms, are described as the greatest geography works of the seventeenth century, translated into dozens of languages, and spread throughout the world.

No funding, no recognition (at least not during my lifetime), no benefits, no future, give up everything and spend a lifetime just to travel?

From a secular perspective, Xu Hongzu is a weird man. This person does not test for meritorious deeds, does not seek officialdom, does not start a family and start a career, according to many people, it is ruined. But for many things in this world, no reason is needed. The reason why it is needed is because many people like to find pumps. For a long time, they need reasons. Xu Xiake said before his death: "Zhang Huan of the Han Dynasty, Xuan Zang of the Tang Dynasty, and Yelu Chucai of the Yuan Dynasty, they all traveled around the world. However, they all accepted the orders of the emperor and were ordered to go to the Quartet."

"I'm just a civilian. I'm not ordered, I'm just wearing a commoner, holding a cane, and straw shoes. I travel around the world by myself, so I die without regrets." Xu Xiake's expression was enough to despise all the princely generals. : There is only one success-to live your life in your own way.

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