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"Bounce Days" After Reading 300 Compositions

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300 Days After Reading The Day of Jumping:

A pleasant summer vacation has begun and my mother bought me many new books. After studying every day, I will pick up these books and look with interest. One of my favorite books is this "A Jumping Day" written by Aunt Zhang Linger, which not only tells a lively and interesting campus story, but also colorful and cute illustrations, which are fun to read. Amazing, let me put it down.

The little protagonist in this book is called Gao Dingding. He is an ordinary elementary school student like us. Aunt Zhang Linger told ten stories about Gao Dingding in the book, which were related to school life and family life. On Gao Dingding's body, we can see similar growth experience, whether it is a happy time or a sad time, in the growth experience of Gao Dingding's jump, we also grew up slowly .


After reading this book, I learned about Gao Dingding's life through stories such as "Chewing Gum Is Troublesome" and "Mr. Gao has a good plan." Although each of us has advantages and disadvantages, as long as we correct them and work hard, I believe we will definitely become better! Author: Li Yu Fei

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