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"Snoring Tree Fairy" After Reading 300 Compositions

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"Snoring Tree Fairy" after reading 300 words:

During the summer vacation, my mother bought me a lot of extracurricular reading materials, and what I loved most was a book written by Aunt Peng Xuejun, "Snoring Tree Fairy".

The little hero in this book is named Mei Zi, a little girl who is inferior because of a little fatness. She was awakened by an inexplicable phone ring at midnight one day, and angrily, she found the beautiful Moon Market downstairs. At the night market, I learned the origin of the inexplicable telephone ringtone, and came to Shuxian's home through the guidance of the phone. Shuxian's home was in an old tree decorated with colorful flowers. same.


The day outside was the year inside. Shuxian became the grandmother who Mei Mei missed and asked Meizi to read a story book for him. Meizi read the storybook for Grandma Shuxian for a whole year in the ancient tree. When When she returned to her world, she found that her reading ability had greatly improved. Not only had she been praised by her teachers and classmates, she had also become the only junior broadcaster at the school radio station. Back confident!

In the days to come, I will also study as much as Mei Zi, learn more, improve my academic performance, become a good student in school, and become a good child of parents. Author: Zheng Wei

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