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"Water Margin" 400 words after reading composition

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450 Words After Reading The Marsh:

"Water Margin" is the first Chinese novel in the vernacular to commemorate the peasant uprising.

"Water Margin" is a masterpiece of the famous writer Shi Naiying in the Ming Dynasty. One hundred and eight Liangshan heroes are shaped in the story: such as the flower monk Lu Zhishen, the timely rain Song Jiang, the leopard head Lin Chong, Xiao Li Guanghua Rong, etc ...

The characters in Water Margin are very distinctive, but the word loyalty and righteousness in the book made me even more impressed. Loyalty means loyalty to the people and the country. The meaning is the 108 heroes in "The Marsh of the Marsh" who go to the fire and fire for people, even if they have sacrificed their lives, but also to save the lives of others. This kind of character I admire.


In "Water Margin", one of my most admired characters is-Wu Song. Wu Song fought bare-handedly in Jingyanggang to win a job for himself. I think he is a brave, heroic person. I remember one more time, after he killed Jiang Menshen, Zhang Dujian and Zhang Tuanlian, he even wrote with his own blood on the wall: the killer, the tiger Wu Song also! In this paragraph, I saw the good qualities of Wu Song who dare to act.

What impressed me most in "The Margin of the Marsh" was the final thirty-fourth round-the seat of the heroic gathering. At that exciting moment, everyone raised the flag of "Going for the Sky", and everyone would be ranked and seated.

"Water Margin" as a long-standing and widely circulated masterpiece, it is worth our careful reading. Author: Yexin Lei

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