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How to make steel made after reading composition 200 words

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"How Steel Is Made" 200 words after reading :

During the holidays, I read a book called "How Steel Is Made".

The storyline revolves around the main character, Paul Kochkin. Paul was a worker's son. He lost his father in his early years, and his brother was a worker. In elementary school, he hated the priest, so he was expelled from the school. Later, Paul started working as a boy in the cafeteria.

After the revolution broke out, Paul became the Red Army and met Tonya. However, he suffered multiple injuries on the battlefield. In addition to working day and night, Paul's condition worsened, and the party had to be lifted. his job. Behind the story, Paul became an admired novelist.


How steel is made Read about 200 words :

I finished reading "How Steel Is Made" overnight. The hero of the book, Paul Kochkin, has endured various tests such as the baptism of war and the ordeal on the construction site, giving him strong perseverance, overcoming difficulties, and forging himself into "steel." So what forces dominate his firm belief in the cause of communism?

However, the scenes in the book surprised me. The inspiring scenes appeared in my mind all the time. I thought that living in the embrace of the motherland was superior but I was afraid of suffering. Paul Coach King taught me the true meaning of the word "steel" and inspired me to continuously climb the peak of my studies.

How to make steel after reading 200 words :

Today, I finished reading a book called "How Steel Is Made", which was written by the famous Soviet writer Ostrovsky. After reading, my heart could not be calm for a long time.

This book mainly talks about the protagonist Paul Kochkin, a Bushwilk who has been difficult to overcome after going through all kinds of ordeals and started a new and beautiful life.

After reading this book, I understand: you must be persistent in everything you do, and the road of life is not smooth. When you encounter setbacks, do n’t rush back and surrender yourself. You must overcome difficulties so that you can walk on the road of life better.

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