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Thatched house reading composition 400 words

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The grass house reads 450 words:

I have read many books, and one of my favorite books is The Grass House. Reading it, one by one live images appeared in my mind: the naughty Sansang, the serious and silent Di Sancho, the quiet paper moon and the bald Lu He.

In the article "Lu He", Lu He was rejected everywhere because he had no hair, so he refused to do gymnastics, so that the Yau Ma Tei Elementary School lost his honorable honor and let the cooked ducks fly away, but he also paid At the cost, he was bitten by a dog and nobody paid attention to him ...

The turning point of the event was a crucial performance in which he played a role that no one could do. Every morning, before dawn, he began to recite lines in the freezing cold wind, and also worked hard with actions: "Little girl, hurry up, grow up, with the company commander, some eat and some Wear it, and endlessly spend the ocean ... "At night, he insisted so.


That's it, I know: Kung fu is worked hard!

Later, after Lu He let the Yau Ma Tei Elementary School get the honor, he "ran to the river alone". When everyone found that he was missing, they went to him and found him. When they found him, everyone said nothing, didn't talk, just "wow" Cried.

"The big moon shines on the river, and also the most handsome boy in the world ..." From that, I know: In any case, as long as you use your strengths to win glory for the collective, no matter how ugly it is, it is beautiful. "Grass House" is a book full of truth, it is worth reading, aftertaste, I like it! Author: Xu Yi Meng

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