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Red star shines in Chinese composition after reading 600 words

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Red Star shines in China after reading 600 words:

With the "unanswered questions" in the book, I followed in the footsteps of American writer Edgar Snow and began the journey of exploring red China.

Faced with many questions and speculations about the Red Army from the outside world, Snow didn't choose to follow suit, and he just stopped. He was not satisfied with the ready answers provided by the enthusiastic party members. Although entering the Red Army region was more difficult than entering Tibet, despite the blockade and hunting by the Kuomintang, and although there were as many as five or six kinds of seasonal epidemics in the northwest ... but he did not worry about them After a few shots, I left with my notebook, camera, and film pen.

With his footsteps, the images of Zhou Enlai, He Long, Mao Zedong, Peng Dehuai, Zhu De and other Communist Party leaders and their experiences unfolded before us. Snow lives with the Red Army. There is no coffee, cheese, cake, only millet and hot water. Here, he met the "Little Red Ghost" who participated in the Long March at the age of eleven, and the old grandfather who joined the Red Army at the age of sixty-four. They were all poor people. The Red Army helped them and realized their own value in life.

In his description, we saw the stubborn and brave Red Army, the wisdom and bravery of the Red Army crossing the Dadu River, they got the alliance of the taunting Yi people, they climbed the iron cable bridge with bullets flying over their heads, Successfully completed an almost impossible task. They do not have advanced and perfect weapons, but rely on a strong will, a common goal and a spirit not afraid of sacrifice!


In this book, not only the heroic Red Army, but also the ruthless capitalists. In the eyes of the farmers, death with heavy taxes and miscellaneous taxes is like a mountain, making them breathless. Here we see a hard-working, law-abiding, and innocent good man who has not eaten for more than a month. The flesh hanging on him is wrinkled, and he can clearly see every thing on him. Roots and bones; Children's belly is stuffed with bark and sawdust like a tumor ... Thousands of people die like this, but the landlord still has a large amount of hoarded rice and wheat. Therefore, it is inevitable for the people to fight, but there is no organization and leadership. When the Red Army appeared, they regarded the Red Army as freedom and hope. Tens of millions welcomed the arrival of the Red Army. Tens of millions wanted to join the Red Army. , To welcome the arrival of a new life together.

Each Red Army is a red star. They illuminate the way forward for New China. With a strong will and a spirit of not sacrificing sacrifice, they tell us: China will surely triumph, and the revolution will eventually succeed!

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