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"Crooked Head Wood Pillar" After Reading 200 Compositions

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200 words after reading "Crooked Head Wood Pillar":

During the winter vacation, I read the book "Crooked Head Wood Pile". The book says: There is a wood pile. He looks down on others. He thinks he is better than anyone.

One day, a little boy scribbled on his body with a knife and finished saying that the stakes were like statues. At this moment, the stakes were very happy when they heard that they were like statues. Later he told others that he was a beautiful statue, and he hoped that everyone would praise him, but no one ignored him, and he felt very lonely. Later the workers pulled out the wooden stakes and made a wooden stool.


Through this story, I understand a truth, do not be proud and arrogant, this is not flattering. Author: Liu Kaixin

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