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After reading "Zeng Guofan's Family Book", 1500 characters

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After reading "Zeng Guofan's Family Book", I felt 1500 words:

Zeng Guofan is a legend in Chinese history. His later generations have very high evaluations of him, "one of the four members of the ZTE in the late Qing Dynasty", "the first person in ancient and modern times", and so on. Reading it, people will benefit immensely, we can know a few things from "Zeng Guofan's Family Book".

It's called "Book of Family," but it's not. The work is in the form of epistle, the text is easy to understand, and the content is meaningful. After careful reading, I feel that it is like food, which can maintain the continuation of spiritual life; it is also like a hospital, which can heal the wounds of the soul; it is also like a supermarket, which is rich in things Your choice ...

The first is about reading and self-cultivation.

Zeng Guofan believed that scholars should first have aspirations to read. Aspiring talents are not willing to be inferior; second, they must be knowledgeable. If you have knowledge, you will not know much about knowledge, and you dare not be self-sufficient. "My life has its limits, and its knowledge has its limits." This is the truth; third, there must be constant, and there is nothing that can never be done.

Regarding the process of reading a book, you must read it one by one. If you have not finished reading a book, you must not read other books. Reading from east to west is for the sake of the outside world. In addition, the scholar also pays attention to nourishing qi, that is, being calm and peaceful, and can't say anything to others. Pay attention to body protection, that is, abstinence, labor and diet. Too many desires will only cause people annoyance, and excessive fatigue will make people physically and mentally exhausted and despairing. Third sincerity. Readers should always pay attention to what they say, so-called "causes come out of their mouths."


Second, about the name of the work.

In Chinese traditional culture, the fame of scholars is a long-lasting topic. Thousands of years of official history can be said to be the ultimate evaluation of the scholars "who succeeds as kings and defeats as pirates", but Zeng Guofan commented on this. The standard also has his own opinions. From the book of family, he learned that the fourth and sixth brothers failed to pass the exam, and he felt astonished that he thought that the name of the family was not destined to be late, but that he was destined to do so. The two purposes of the scholars are: first, to strengthen moral cultivation, to emphasize sincerity, sincerity, self-cultivation, and family ethics, so as not to insult the ancestors; second, to learn by making a name for a career in order to extend their lives. And the biggest thing to continue life is to feed yourself. Farmers, craftsmen, businessmen, labor to support themselves, and scholars to support themselves are the same. The hard work of the reader, if you pass the exam, you will eat in the DPRK. If you fail, or teach in the hometown, or serve as a diner, or enter the curtain as a guest, all of them need to calculate their own ability to be well-deserved. Take a step back and say that even if you are on the list and the North Koreans are the official, you must calculate your own talents so that you will not have a vegetarian meal in the future. However, all of this is necessary or not. It all depends on God's providence, and if the karma is not perfect, it is up to you. However, people who do not have karma and do not have enough food and clothing are like farmers. Even if there is a barren year, they will definitely There is a bumper year, just like a merchant's backlog of unsold products, there will surely be a time when it will sell well. Well, if you are a proficient student, you will eventually get a reputation. Even if you do n’t, there will be other ways to support yourself. In Zeng Guofan's view, fame is not the main thing, and livelihood is the key.

Under his educational philosophy, his son Zeng Jize not only has an accomplishment in Chinese poetry, calligraphy, and painting, but also has a strong interest in Western mathematics, physics, chemistry, and linguistics. He has many academic monographs and he has also taught himself He became a well-known diplomat in the Qing Dynasty after learning many languages and being fluent in English. When Zeng Jihong, who was nine years younger than Zeng Jize, took the imperial examination, he was politically corrupt and corrupt in the field. Zeng Guofan just sealed the marquis. He was afraid that his son might have gone astray. Before the test, he specifically instructed his son not to communicate with counties and counties before the test. "Be aware of your self-esteem at the beginning of your career." Zeng Jihong failed the exam several times, and later came to become a well-known mathematician in China. The body of the two sons reflects Zeng Guofan's thoughts on "the merits and demerits of the meritorious deeds, all of which depend on God's will, and the inexperienced masters, let them decide for themselves."

Third, the gentleman's worry.

The ancients once said that "the beginning of literacy worry in life, the first name can be taken off." It means that once a person reads and literates, his life's turmoil begins. Zeng Guofan believes that people's worries are caused by gentlemen's worries and those of husbands. There is the capacity to tolerate all things and all peoples, the ability to introspect and support the king, and then let the parents not be insulted by raising themselves, so that they can be worthy of the heavens and the earth. Morality is to worry about the lack of progress in academics, the stubbornness of the people, the deceit of the people, the worry of the villain's reign, and the gentleman's long distance. Of course, this is the worries of the superior, and the feelings of compassion. The husband will worry about the daily trivial self-sufficiency, worldly honor and disgrace, and the fame and fortune of fame. From the perspective of Zeng Guofan, the worry of the husband is not a concern. Come to think of it, it is true. One person lives, but three meals a day, but seven feet in a lifetime, "even with a thousand-year iron threshold, after all, a pile of soil steamed buns."

Fourth, there are countless things to know.

Everything rises and falls, it has its own set. In the correspondence between Zeng Guofan and his family, there was one thing: Zeng Guofan sent a thousand and two silvers to his family, and explained that he used six hundred and two to repay the debts, and four hundred for gifts to relatives and friends. Zeng's family was not wealthy. The eldest son has to pay for various expenses at home and the tuition of his younger brothers. Zeng Guofan himself often borrows money to survive, but under such circumstances, why would Zeng Guofan squeeze out money to visit relatives? The reason is that in his own words, he thinks that his family is too prosperous, and he must not be extra careful, thinking that he should maintain his profit. Zeng Guofan was the fastest rising official in the history of the Qing Dynasty, setting a record of "ten years in seven years." Such miracles, although related to his political talent, are also inseparable from his high political insight. . Zeng Guofan was born a civilian without any background and backing. However, he is familiar with the dangers of officialdom. For example, his official experience in thin ice has made him careful. For his career economy, he not only strictly required himself, but even his family members. At the same time as changing the family's economic situation, it has fostered the family's bad habits. Therefore, you must support relatives when you are also difficult, and you must be careful about paying off your debts. Loss; if the debt is not clear, it is good and inadequate, and it is also fun. " It is not good to be poor, and it is not good to be so forgotten.

In addition to the above four points, there are many things to see in "Zeng Guofan's Family Book", such as about Jiahe, about making friends, about governing the army, etc., read a family book, read Zeng Guofan's eternal love, read a family book, and watch a family's Rise and fall, glory and disgrace, read a family book, knowing that if the heart is calm, how hard it is! Author: Raoyuan Hui

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