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500 words after reading "Thirty Rise"

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500 words after reading "Thirty Rise":

At this moment of Ben San, the tail of youth is so at a loss that I don't know what the situation and mood of Ben San is on the road to Ben Si. What about that hole in my heart? I never try to fill that hole or gradually heal it. There is nothing I can do about this hole.

I don't know if there is a hole in Wang Er's heart. There are two possibilities for the life style of giggling and scolding: one is to pretend to be seen by others, and the other is to pretend to be seen by oneself. The former is superficial, and he can't survive himself for life, and he doesn't know what it is like to live; the latter hurts stubbornness, always refuses to give up, never accepts defeat, and always throws himself away. I do n’t think which one is more brilliant, but whoever goes to live with any cleverness is horrible. It ’s like half of the life before they can reflect on how life should be, or they simply go to the southern country before they can react.

This kind of saying is popular on the Internet, saying that many people die in their 20s and are buried in their 70s. I don't agree with this arbitrary assertion that negates most of the value of life. Even though people in their 20s are a symbol of vigor, dreams and passion, how can later years of responsibility, maturity, and indifference or suffering be written off because they have less fragile dreams? Suffering or blessing are proofs of past, mediocrity or extraordinary are all traces of past, so why pessimistic so far.


If you are extraordinary, there are people who have paid an ordinary amount of money behind you. If you have achieved it, some people have carried it for you without complaint. Those so-called dreams, self-confidence, and passion are not born in nature, nor are they fought alone. What you have and eventually have are the pavements and sweat of countless people. Therefore, even if you have bad luck or mediocre qualifications, you should not believe that you have arrived in the southern country because of something inexplicable in your 20s. After all, this is also an insult and blasphemy to the southern country.

I will take my hole alive. Author: Lee stars

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