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800 characters after reading "Xiang Xing San Ji"

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800 words after reading "Xiang Xing San Ji":

To be honest, I can see the fog in the clouds when I read this book. During the reading, I can still see the scene described by the author. When I put it down in the head of the book, it was difficult to understand the mood and feelings of the author. I find the book a bit dull to read. It wasn't until later that I felt a little bit of sympathy with the author. I felt a little resonance with the author in my heart. If I look back, I may understand the author a little bit.

The author of the book has mentioned "hanging the foot building" many times, and I imagined that the building was hoisted in the air? Immediately Baidu, as expected, the structure is beautiful and pleasing to the eye. The flying tower is suspended in the middle of the mountain, and its reflection is reflected in the clear water. It is really a beautiful Xiangjiang water tower! How can one not sigh? What's more, in this line, Mr. Shen is returning to his hometown. People and scenes along the way have no way to stay untouched! No matter who lives in the pavilion, it must have a pure soul, exuding a unique flavor that blends with nature. Sailors there are simple, brave and hardworking. They have sailed for decades, how many beaches they have crossed, How many ponds. The story of the passionate sailor and the warm woman in the hanging floor is natural, just as Mr. Shen said, "I feel a bit of 'life' in silence. I think their desire and sorrow are very sacred. I do n’t deserve to use money or Other methods penetrate into their destiny and disturb their due sorrow. "


The sound of chanting, the sound of the beach is long, and the author returns to Xiangxi, and suddenly enters the history of more than ten years ago, "In the past, who can stop it from passing, and who can stop it from coming again? Seeing his wife who had been fishing toads together, Mr. Shen was slapped by "Time" violently. He did not dare to recognize him, didn't he dare? Not willing? Still afraid? I think that the identity of that scene and the circumstances of many years can not lead the author forward, it may feel like a fishbone stuck in his throat.

"Time has made my heart feel a little different pressure on various changes in personnel and things. I have to be silent and endure." Many things and personnel will quietly change under the wash of time. The classmates who have been looking for a few days ago At that time, I felt excited when I returned to my childhood. I immediately contacted and added WeChat, embarrassed the status quo, and looked back at the past. During the process, I was speechless several times. After reading Yes, time has allowed our friendship to stay at that time forever. To this day, we have not participated in each other in the middle of life. How do we understand its sadness and joy? Just how to not teach people how much time has gone when they meet again? Mr. Shen said, "Four most close friends died in ten months. The death of these people is memorable. The method of commemoration should not be tears, rituals, or words." Friendship is so, life is so, and time is so .

This collection of essays made me feel free to brush strokes and delicious text. Through many descriptions of the scenery, I expressed the feelings of the author's return from the past. I also sighed the right and wrong through letters and memories. I read it carefully, as if I understood it. Part of the emotion of the author is the perception of life and time. "Talk about the past with acquaintances in other contexts and the future with strange friends. Once the current life is connected to the past and future, life will regain a profound and rich meaning."

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