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500 words after reading the "Classic Reading Classics"

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500 words after reading "Northern Classics":

The hardships and joys of a scholar can only be realized by himself, and reading life may be wonderful because of crying and laughing. Life has also become brighter by reading. Books seem to be an indispensable part of my life. No, I have recently become fascinated with the book "Reading the Classics of the North", which has me stuck in the ocean of poetry.

In reading the poems, I learned the truth that "there is no way to make up for it".

Once, I was sick enough to go back to school, and the teacher said in the afternoon, "Classmates, I have an exam tomorrow, and I need to review it when I go home." I took out the textbooks to prepare for review, but at this time my heart was a little messy: 唉! What use is there for review, I have taken a few days of sick leave, how can I fail the first. The teacher said that he must be the leader of the language group in the first group test. Anyway, I ca n’t be the leader of the language team. It ’s better to watch TV and relax! I took my homework to find my mother ’s signature. The mother asked in confusion: “You can finish the review so soon, can I do it tomorrow?” I had to lower my head and talk to her Having said my thoughts, my mother said earnestly: "If you do n’t go to study hard, and give it a try, how do you know that you ca n’t do it? If you give up now, do n’t you have no chance? The language leader is what you dream of Ah! "As soon as I heard it, I suddenly thought of the story of" repairing the dead sheep ". Yes, my mother was right, she ran back to the room immediately, and took out the written language to review it carefully. When the test results came out, I finally became the language team leader as expected. This is really: As soon as things are coming, as long as they are made up in time, they are too late.


On a Friday night, I took out a book and prepared for homework. But then thought: Isn't there tomorrow? Do it tomorrow and watch TV easily tonight. When I turned on the TV and watched it with interest, I suddenly remembered the "Today Song" in "Chinese Classics Recitation": Today's things must be done today, not tomorrow, because tomorrow has tomorrow's things. After reading, I suddenly understood the value of time. So I turned off the TV and went back to my room to do my homework.

Reading the classics, I feel the true meaning of this world; reading the classics, I enjoy the beauty of this world; reading the classics, I share the true feelings of the world. Classic, grow with me.

Teacher's comment: Generally speaking, after reading this article, I wrote well. It is clear, logical and practical. It is persuasive. The author uses the form of "one case, one discussion" to demonstrate the principle of "repairing the dead sheep and not being late" due to the serious review after absence from school due to sick leave; by not watching TV, hurry to do homework to explain "today's affairs, today's end" The truth. This is exemplified by your own experience, so that the reasoning is not empty. Oh efforts, the teachers hope to see you more and better work Author: Xuya Ting

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