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After reading "Next Port", 300 words of composition

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To be the master of time-300 words after reading "Next Ship Port":

Recently, I read a very good book called "Next Ship Port". The author of the book is Yan Wenjing. This is an old book, recommended by my classmate's mother.

This book mainly tells that the protagonist Tang Xiaoxi is a "not enough play" student, he always saves his homework until next time. He procrastinated and did not cherish time, so he ran away with time villain. Later, he entered the "next sailing port" under the instruction of Gray Mouse. This is a world without time. Everything is still and everyone has no concept of time. Tang Xiaoxi met many good friends here. Among them, the kind and weak ragdolls were always insulted by bad guys, which made him sad. Tang Xiaoxi was desperate to rescue the ragdoll, but because the boat had to be "next", they couldn't escape. Tang Xiaoxi was so anxious that he finally realized the importance of time. He eagerly called back the time villain, rang the bells, resurrected the dead port, rescued the ragdoll confined by the Iron Man, and drove away the three big baddies of the Iron Man, the White Porcelain, and the Gray Mouse, letting everything go It returned to normal again.


After reading this story, I know that laziness is a waste of time. We must cherish time and not let time slip away quietly. In the past, I was about the same as Tang Xiaoxi. I always had a hard time doing homework. I did homework, played for a while, and then watched TV for a while. In the end, I not only wrote bad words, but also wrote the wrong topic. . After reading this book, I realized that no matter if you are studying or doing things, you ca n’t drag and drop, do what you have to do, you ca n’t always “wait for a while” and “wait for the next time”. I have to race against time, walk ahead of time, and be the master of time. Author: - Star Instrument

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