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800 characters after reading Lu Yao's "Life"

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After reading Yao Yao's "Life" 800 words:

After reading "Life", my mind is mixed. Gao Jialin's life was ups and downs, full of dramatic changes.

The novel begins with a description of Gao Jialin's substitute teacher being squeezed and returning to rural farming. After reading the book, he was unwilling and embarrassed to go to work, and his fate stepped from heaven to hell. People are always very fragile when they are downcast or lonely, especially their emotions, at which time Qiaozhen appears. God will not push people to a desperate road. Qiao Zhen's tenderness, enthusiasm, and love for him are so touched that Gao Jialin has also touched his life. The warm current of love has flowed through the frozen lands of the spirit, and new vitality has blossomed, and he actively starts a new life.

However, he did not expect that just after Gao Jialin settled in the status quo and accepted the love of Qiao Zhen, a rural girl, his uncle switched to the local office and became the director of the Labor Bureau. He was a director of the county party's communication group, and his life took a huge turn. He walked in peace, his world became colorful again. The outside world was dazzling and dazzling, and his heart was disturbed. Deep in the heart, the pursuit of dreams, and the initiative of city girl Ya Ping, he chose to break up with Qiaozhen. Just when he dreamed of a good life and a bright future waved to him not far away, Yaping left because of the report, and he returned to the countryside again. At this time, Qiaozhen had already married, and he No regrets.

This twists and turns of life, while boasting, makes people think: is fate playing tricks? Or is it human nature that determines destiny?


There are gains and losses in life choices. No matter which way life chooses, life is not perfect. Just as Gao Jialin was with Ya Ping for a better future, he lost his golden treasure. We cannot evaluate the right or wrong choice of Gao Gaolin. Perhaps this fate is life.

Gao Jialin, a poor rural youth at the bottom of society, has dreams, struggles, pursuits, resentment against injustice in reality, and even courage. The author did not write about Gao Jialin's entire life, and ultimately did not give us a perfect ending. After reading, perhaps, it is to give Gao Jialin a chance to come from the province and correct his mistakes. I think that after going through big ups and downs and going through the pain of parting, Gao Jialin's life will be more exciting.

Liu Qing said: "Although the truth of life is long, there are often several steps in the important places, especially when people are young. No one's life is straight and there are no forks. Some forks can affect people A period can also affect a lifetime. "

The American poet Robert said, "Although many young people, somewhere, I will sigh softly to review the past. There are two roads in a wood, and I choose the one with fewer human footprints. From then on, my life has been decided. . "

Life is actually a constant choice and choice. Through ordinary people and real human nature, Lu Yao told us: the choice of dreams and the fate of fate are not what we can force. Life should accept fate but not humble. May we have enough courage and wisdom to face every choice, and may we have no regrets every time we choose!

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