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"Diary of a Little Fart" After Reading Composition 200 words 300 words

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"Diary of a Little Fart" after reading 200 words :

I read the book The Little Diary. The story of "Breathing for the Big Tree" in the book is: In the morning of the Arbor Day, the teacher asked everyone: "Do you know what good it is to plant trees?" One student said, "Planting trees can create fresh air." Yes, the teacher said . At school, a little boy named Zhu Erduo and his classmate Hu Xiaotu saw that the car was smoky, thinking that the car was destroying the fresh air created by the tree. Therefore, Hu Xiaotu's shoes were blocked at the mouth of the car's smoke pipe. Come to "protect" the fresh air made by the tree.

This story tells us that we must take care of all the grass and trees but we can't stop the smoke from other creatures, because a little smoke doesn't matter much.

Little fart kid diary after reading 300 words :

These days I read "Fifth-grade troubles" in "Diary of a Little Fart". This book records every bit of fun in the school and family life of the fifth-year fart boy Mido.


There is so much trouble for Mido! There are endless exams, school violence, fear of blood draws during medical examinations, the candidate for the campus TV station manager was not elected, but wanted to be a painter but was taught by his mother ... Why does Xiaomi feel more upset as he grows up?

Little fart boy Mito grew up in these troubles day by day. He is cute and naughty, he is smart and naughty. After reading the stories that made me laugh, I realized that growing up requires wisdom, gratitude, love, happiness, imagination, and a simple childlike heart. There are many of these little farts, and I seem to find a lot of resonance with him in this book.

The book is lively and interesting, and the language is funny. Really happy and invincible! After reading this book, I also understood the meaning of the phrase "reading diary happily and writing easily". At the same time, I also wish all the children in the world to be happy little farts and have a happy childhood.

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