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Reading "Beauty Tree" After Reading Composition 100 words 200 words

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100 words after reading "Beauty Tree" :

This time I watched the "Beauty Tree". This book is about a tree, but I have the desire to travel far. In order to get her free walking legs, she lied to the girl Sansang mercilessly. So, beautiful lies one after another ... Until one day, a girl named Tudou came under the tree, and her trust made this tree named Dong Xiaoqing finally realize her dream. This story tells us: Don't lie, be honest.

Beauty tree after reading 200 words :

When I got the book "Beauty Tree", I was attracted by its cover, and I couldn't wait to open it and read it.

The good potato was fooled by a beauty tree. The two of them changed roles. The potato became a beauty tree, and the beauty tree became a potato. The beauty tree said that it would be better to change the day, but the beauty tree became a potato and never returned. Potatoes know that the beauties are also deceived. But potatoes don't want to lie anymore, even if it is always a tree.


One day, when the real tree came to absorb the nutrients from the soil, with the help of her friends, the potatoes became themselves and became free. After reading this book, I realized that people must be honest and trustworthy. They cannot deceive good people. Even when we are deceived, we should not deceive others in the same way.

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