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After reading "Responsibility is better than ability"

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1000 words after reading "Responsibility is better than ability":

What is responsibility? As a student, I felt as long as I studied well and fulfilled my responsibilities. After working, I have a deeper understanding of responsibilities, admonishing myself to perform my duties with due diligence and complete my work carefully and carefully.

I have learned the book "Responsibility is better than ability", which has benefited me a lot. This book uses easy-to-understand language and embodies the spirit of seeking truth and being pragmatic. The series of cases are very persuasive, clarifying that responsibility directly determines the success or failure of things, and also allows me to have a deeper understanding of the word "responsibility" in the text and better understand the meaning of responsibility. Responsibility is something that a person should do. It is a job that should be done well, a task that should be undertaken, and a task that should be completed. Only when we fulfill our responsibilities and treat our work with due diligence can we fully demonstrate our capabilities and values.

For most people, work means completing their own internal affairs, and then taking their salary with peace of mind. In fact, otherwise, work is both a means of earning a living and an individual's responsibility to society. Responsibility can change the attitude towards work, and the attitude towards work determines your performance. As the book says, "If you love work, your life is heaven. If you hate work, your life is hell. ". In our work, we must clearly and clearly recognize our responsibilities, fulfill our responsibilities, exert our abilities, overcome difficulties to complete the work, recognize and understand our responsibilities, understand our responsibilities, and assume Responsibility for the job in which you are working, then the work is transformed from oppression and passive to proactive, and enjoys the joy of work and the joy of achieving results.


The book states that a great man once said, "All resumes in life must come after the spirit of being responsible." Responsibility allows a person to have the best mental state, be energetic and put into work, and realize his potential To the extreme. Indeed, ability is carried by responsibility, and responsibility itself is a kind of ability, and doing your own work with due diligence is itself a kind of ability improvement. A person regardless of his or her ability depends on whether you have a sense of responsibility for work and things, and dare to be responsible. If you are capable, you can handle things, but because you are proud and irresponsible, it is easy to do Things ca n’t be done well, which means that a person who lacks a sense of responsibility or an irresponsible person first loses the basic recognition of society from himself and secondly loses the trust and respect of others from himself. This responsibility is a kind of supreme value, a pursuit of life. Responsibility is loyalty and trustworthiness to the mission that one has, and responsibility is the outstanding completion of one's work.

Details embody responsibility, responsibility determines success or failure, and negligence pays a price.

Whether at work or in life, we must do things carefully and be responsible for what we do. Especially in the accounting industry, we need to be cautious, meticulous, sloppy, and require us to take full responsibility for our work. Sometimes, we always find various excuses for ourselves to avoid responsibility. In fact, excuses can be overcome. Only when you work hard can you find a sense of accomplishment and do your work perfectly. Book of stop here--I'm so impressed with the problem so far. We can't use any excuses to avoid responsibility. We must hold ourselves accountable and don't push the responsibility to others.

Responsibility is the driving force for excellence. No matter what you do, you need to perform your duties with due diligence. It plays a decisive role in the success or failure of your career. Once you understand the secret of working hard to eliminate the hard work, you will master the success principle. Even if your career is mediocre, if you work with due diligence everywhere, you can achieve great personal success. If you want to be a successful employee who can be trusted by your boss, you must strive for precision and perfection. Treating your job with due diligence is a must-have for successful people.

Responsibility guarantees performance, and the spirit of responsibility allows us to excel. We must always maintain a responsible mentality and do more every day to make ourselves an irreplaceable employee. The times are developing, the society is progressing, and competition is becoming more and more fierce. We must make all our efforts, be down-to-earth, work hard, and constantly improve our quality in all aspects, so that we can keep up with the pace of the company and be a responsible Excellent staff.

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