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1000 words after reading the "A Brief History of Chinese Philosophy"

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1000 words after reading "A Brief History of Chinese Philosophy":

I don't know where the whim came, and then I thought about looking for books on philosophy to read. After an online inquiry, a friend recommended that I finally chose the book "A Brief History of Chinese Philosophy", and then immediately purchased it online and waited for it to arrive.

It was pretty fast, and the moment I got the book, I was ecstatic. Then I opened the "A Brief History of Chinese Philosophy", sinking into it, understanding the thoughts of philosophers from ancient to modern times, and thinking about related issues. I think the charm of philosophy is more the improvement of the spiritual realm.

Later, I learned that the author Mr. Feng Youlan wrote this book abroad. Students compiled this book based on their daily lectures. At first it was only in English, which was translated into many languages. Later, the Chinese version was translated and brought to China.

Once "A Brief History of Chinese Philosophy" was published, it was immediately talked about and even loved. It has become a good book for many foreigners to study ancient Chinese philosophical thinking and Chinese people to understand the ancient schools of thought. Good books, of course I have to get involved. The book tells the spirit and background of Chinese philosophy and the origins of the Confucian Schools of Confucianism, the representative Confucianism, Taoism, famous school, Mohist school, Yin and Yang school, Chinese Buddhism and Zen. Also, the development and status of Chinese philosophy in the modern world.

Generally speaking, this book describes a lot of hundreds of ideas according to time nodes. Readability, viewing and operability are extremely strong. It is a rare reference book for those who study philosophy and can open up and germinate related thinking. To be honest, I don't understand anything about philosophy. I have been reading classical books before. Although I have read the lite version, the central idea can still be understood and mastered. I have long been eager to read my ancient books and be able to pry a hint of wisdom into my dull thinking. Reflect on yourself, analyze yourself, and know the rules of life in ancient and modern times.


Until I read "A Brief History of Chinese Philosophy", I found that there are actually a lot of similarities. Just like "Zhou Yi", in fact, the particular thing must be reversed, and everything advances in accordance with the law; the essence of the Tao Te Ching is the existence and absence, the rule of inaction, and the idealism. Confucianism has gone through several stages, and it is thought that it is "three outlines and five constants". This is also what I often chat with my friends. "Monarchs, fathers, sons, brothers," and "benevolent etiquette and wisdom", Confucianism has played a lot of positive roles in the inheritance and development of ritual law in the Zhou Dynasty. Confucianism has become the rule of governing the country and governing the nation.

To give a glimpse of the hundreds of people and appreciate the thoughts of the people, for me, I can calmly think about it. Time flies fast, and the rings ring relentlessly. Who can say that this moment is not the dust of history. Through these, it can make me transparent.

I think, for me, it's more about the "gain". Fighting is good. In this society, we must fight for it, and our actual actions should also be done in a drastic way. This era is a good era, and you can accomplish yourself through hard work. The most realistic is the growth of wealth. "Buying a house and land" is the practice of people in ancient and modern times, and it must be done in the life of Gou. However, in reality, we strive for more. Can our thoughts be considered quietly for what purpose? Because of different social divisions of labor, our role attributes are also different, so we have identity and status. Noble, poor, and finally a pile of grass in the barren mound. Therefore, compared with heaven and earth, what you are after is nothing more than a mere sight.

So, this problem bothers me a lot. I have also asked a lot of people, older than me, younger than me, people who know and do n’t, everyone has a different understanding. It's like there are ten people, each of them fried a plate of gongbao chicken, then the fried one should be the taste of a gongbao chicken. Just like in our lives, although everyone does the same things (birth, study, grow up, become a family, have children, care for the elderly, retired, and die), the specific practices and behaviors are different. . Therefore, different life perceptions and experiences have been created.

I think that's the way things go. Then I still think of a way to continue to widen the width of life. Length cannot be controlled, horizontal knowledge accumulation, and richer experience in life value. So, I kept tossing and running back and forth. Because, I want to have a different life. The exuberance and exodus I experienced was a tremendous love and admiration for life. Until the end, I do not regret it!

If we read history, we can use history as a mirror and be wise; then, reading philosophy can make people live through, understand, and realize. Understanding the connection between the heavens and the earth, the thoughts of the philosophers and a hundred schools of thought are different and similar.

This is worth studying and understanding. A philosophy that makes people understand and realize! "A Brief History of Chinese Philosophy", once again, is really good and worth everyone to watch. Author: Hou Xiao Bin

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