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Hulan River 300 words after reading composition

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300 words after reading the biography of Hulan River :

"Hulan River" is a long memory novel written by the famous female writer Xiao Hong. Xiao Hong recalls her childhood in this book. She made us seem to see her innocence and innocence as a child. Xiao Hong's writing style is unique. She wrote down what she saw and heard in Hulan with some interesting strokes, and expressed her point of view with a playful tone, so that when the reader read this book, she did not feel her at that time. Emotional pain and suffering.

There is a fresh memory in the book, "Receive me, you say my life is a pity, but I don't care about it. You look at it dangerously, but I think I'm very proud. What about it? Life is more bitter and less fun. This sentence is Xiao Hong's description of the inner feelings of the mushroom picker who lives in the inclined house. When Xiao Hong was mixed with the expulsion of war and the torture of illness, he faced optimistically and actively. It can be seen from "What's wrong? Life is more bitter and less fun."

But Xiao Hong's short life was still lonely. At the end of "The Hulan River", her grandfather died and she became helpless. But those good memories still linger in her heart. "Can't forget" "Unforgettable".

Open this book and enter Xiao Hong's other life space, you can feel how lonely her life is. It's still the old house, or the old garden. But the only thing we can remember, or that Xiao Hong plaintive songs ...... Author: Xijia Ni


After reading the Hulan River, I felt about 300 words :

After reading Xiao Hong's book The Hulan River, I realized the fun and lively place of Hulan River, and I also felt the rare warmth of the author! There are many interesting things about the Hulan River, such as: the big mud pit incident, jumping big gods, putting river lanterns, Yetaizi opera, April Eighteen Girls Temple Conference, etc. The most interesting thing is that Yetaizi opera, Yetaizi opera was done because of the harvest or rain. Because the girl who called the son-in-law in that place was a lot of matchmakers in that place, it was very lively.

Every family brought a large number of gifts. You gave me, I gave you. I looked hungry, I was hungry, I was hungry, and I bought some jelly, sugar balls, sticky cakes. Yes. No one paid any attention on the stage, like watching and not watching, not wanting to watch. Singing and singing, few people understand. Most people would think that it is a pity not to chat if it is so lively. Some rural people are camping on the beach! Looks very comfortable, has always been carefree, still blowing the breeze, really comfortable!

When I was a kid, I loved playing in the garden and playing with my grandfather. The author always follows his grandfather. Whatever his grandfather does, she does, too, and sleeps when he is tired. How relaxed and comfortable! It became a rare bright spot in Xiao Hong's lonely childhood psychology, and it was the exchange between the ancestors who talked about it. Now I realize just how valuable love was.

However, no one expected that Xiao Hong grew up in a false background. Only her 60-70-year-old grandfather had loved her.

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