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Charlotte's online reading composition 300 words

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Charlotte's online reading after 300 words :

I read a book on "Charlotte's Web" during the winter vacation, which made me deeply touched. This book focuses on a pig and other small animals in the granary of the Zuckerman family. Among them, the pig Wilbur and the spider "Charlotte" have established an extremely deep friendship.

However, Wilbur's future and fate are destined to become bacon and ham. Wilber as a piglet had to accept this fact in sorrow and despair. However, his good partner Charlotte is convinced that it can save Wilbur. So Charlotte spit out a piece of spider silk on the pig's pen and weaved what was called a miracle "online text"-"Good pig is great." This allowed Wilbur to win a special prize at the trading fair, and it was finally saved. But then Charlotte's life came to an end.

In the sorrow of Wilbur's "I don't want to die, I don't want to die, save me", Charlotte was very firm in saying "You will not die, I will save you", and I was deeply impressed. For this commitment, Charlotte devoted all his life energy to it, and gave his life in exchange for the life of a good partner. Until the end of his life, he did not ask for any return. I was moved to tears when I saw this. In real life, I also want to have a good friend and good friend like Charlotte, selfless dedication, and at all costs, I must help a good partner who needs help. This lofty spirit of self-denial and help is worth learning. I think I will recommend this book that contains life, love and friendship to everyone, so that more people have a good book and a true love! Author: Liu Hengyu


Charlotte's online reading after 300 words :

Charlotte is just a little spider that is looked down upon, but we are deeply moved by its loyalty to friends.

Pig Wilbur made friends with Charlotte at the moment of life and death, and it was his friend Charlotte who changed his destiny. In order to prevent his only friend from being killed by human beings, Charlotte used the net every night while people were sleeping to weave out a text that was considered a miracle by human beings, and Wilbur won a special award. People thought that Wilbur had made it himself, and they didn't even know that a friend was helping him secretly.

Charlotte followed Wilbur to the west, and stayed up late every day to help Wilbur change his destiny. He paid a lot for Wilbur, but what about Charlotte himself? It's just an obscure spider. Wilbur's fame should be Charlotte's, and Charlotte himself saw the growing popularity of the piglet. Not only was he not convinced, but he was happy for his friends ...

After reading this book, I deeply understand a truth: to be a person like Charlotte, to be friendly, sincere, and always cherish the sincere feelings between friends. In my daily life, although I am friendly, I don't know how to cherish the friendship and feelings among friends. Compared with Charlotte, I'm far from enough. After reading this book, I was ashamed, I must learn from Charlotte.

"Charlotte's Web" makes me sensible and allows me to grow.

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