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300 words after reading "Ferryman"

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300 words after reading "Ferryman" :

I haven't seen Zhang Jiajia's movie, and I don't have the right to comment, but I read one-sixth of his book "Passing by Your World" and I lost interest in reading it. He said that his book "almost every story that can be called a complete story has been taken away by friends in the film and television industry to make a feature film more efficient than I expected". What good movies can I make there? As a movie viewer, I am helpless.

The previous "White Deer Plain" has lost my Mr. Zhu. I saw White Deer and only saw Xiao'e; "Battle Wolf 2" said yes, and soon went off the shelves to join in the fun. It turned out to be a haunting patriotic complex; I rarely go to the movies now, delay time, waste money, and always make me sleepy and sick.

Zhang Jiajia, you have to pass by my world. There is no door. You should check out Claire McFall's The Ferryman. A 15-year-old single parent girl, Dylan, visited her long-awaited father, and a traffic accident happened on the road. The ferryman Tristan took her through the wasteland. Because of the abundance of love, after crossing, she used his persistence, courage and love to make him no more timid and no longer hesitate. She has become his ferryman. It is the history of a little girl's spiritual growth.

If I really exist, it's because you need me. "Hi! You are here." "I am here."


The junior high school students felt 300 words after reading "Ferryman" :

Those who cross, also cross. We live in a complex world, receive flowers and applause, and cannot avoid thorns and mud. Everyone in the world will experience setbacks and troubles. Many times, we extend our hands with good intentions to help those who are temporarily suffering, to help those who need help, to ferry to those who are struggling and suffering, and we are all ferries in this world.

If we always uphold a conviction-whoever crosses people, everyone also crosses it. Well, I believe that what is left for us and for the world will be boundless flowers and applause.

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