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After reading "If You Give Me Three Days of Light," 300 Words

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After reading "If You Give Me Three Days of Light", 300 words :

The teacher arranged that we should buy the book "If You Give Me Three Days of Light" and read it. Whenever I read this book, I feel every word, imagine every picture, and the protagonist's experience sometimes makes me feel sad and sometimes makes me feel novel.

The book tells that Helen Keller wanted to see the light again and to look at the world again. Because she was a sound baby in the first 19 months of her life, she had a high fever after 19 months. After a long time, although the high fever had receded, Helen Keller lost her hearing and the ability to see the whole world. She could not see or hear. She could not see the birds flying in the sky, nor could she hear the call of nature. But she lived very successfully and lived wonderfully.

I remember once, the teacher told us to experience normal life with blindfold for 20 minutes. As soon as I returned to my home, I covered my eyes with a towel and experienced some word practice. I experienced it, either by writing the last word of "life" under "living" or by "living" "It's a bit misleading. Then I went to the bathroom and almost sat down on the ground. After that, I closed my eyes while swimming and almost hit the wall. I finally learned the hardships of the blind, and Helen's strong perseverance is admirable.

This book tells me the truth: if you do not shrink back when you encounter difficulties, you will have great achievements. I will never be a "little mouse" who dare not rush forward when encountering difficulties. Author: Summer Dreams can


Elementary school students read "If You Give Me Three Days of Light" after reading 300 words :

The famous book "If You Give Me Three Days of Light" has made me deeply appreciate a spirit of perseverance and persistence. The author of the book is Helen Keller, who is also the hero of the book. Helen Keller became an invisible and inaudible person at the age of one and seven months.

One morning, Helen and Annie sat side by side on the bed. Annie took Helen's hand and spelled words over and over again. Once, Annie took the handle of the pump, compressed it up and down, and water splashed out of the faucet.

She hurriedly grabbed Helen Keller's hand, dipped it into the water, and spelled "water" on her wet palm with her hand. Suddenly, Helen stopped like an electric shock, holding her breath, and she focused on the spelling in her hand: water.

This passage reminded me that although Helen was blind, she felt water when she touched the water. Later, Anne kept asking her to spell the word "water". She gradually understood how big and beautiful the world was what!

Then, she asked Annie to hurry up to spell all kinds of words. Even if some words were difficult, she would spell again and again and never give up. Helen's fingers bleed because she wanted to learn too much and kept spelling. Annie said softly, "Enough." She held Helen in her arms, put her on the bed they shared, and slept together.

The book "If You Give Me Three Days of Light" let me know that when people encounter difficulties, they must face up with courage and work hard.

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