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After reading "Five Languages of Love", 300 words of composition

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After reading "Five Languages of Love", 300 words :

When love goes through marriage and having children, the passion for each other will be more or less diminished. Love is used for enjoyment. Marriage needs to be managed, not to mention that the relationship between husband and wife is the basis of all relationships. The source is exactly his native family. And this book is to help us know more about how to love and how to make love new and lasting.

When I first saw this book, I felt that it was similar to the ordinary chicken soup books. After reading it really hard, I realized the value of this book. The cases in the book are often seen by us, simple but true, and the methods mentioned are also very practical. Everyone is eager to be loved, and has been eager to be loved since birth. If this craving has not been satisfied, or even a little satisfaction, then this person will gradually lose the desire to love. It does not mean unconditional love, but unconditional love in the right way. It is the same for lovers, parents, children, and friends. Hope all of us can learn to feel love, find love, and express love in the language of love.

"In this world, an eye can hurt people, a word can crush people; an intimate lover can become an enemy, and marriage can become a battlefield." Never underestimate the value of love in marriage, nor underestimate your ability to learn and change. You can make yourself better and make your life better. if you are willing to!


Love in five languages after reading 300 words :

After reading the entire book, its fundamental argument is how to love, and the five abilities are a way for the author to find love. Revelation: Follow your inner voice, fill your life with peace and love, and such beautiful things will happen.

We need to examine ourselves through intimate relationships, truly discover and understand ourselves, and accept ourselves (especially the dark side that is hidden). When you fully accept yourself, you can love yourself, and you can truly pay for and love others.

The incomplete self comes from the experience of past life, which makes you suppress your talents to adapt to this environment, gain a sense of belonging, and get the comfort of the soul.

But the traits of the ego that you don't accept always exist. Only by finding them through your partner can you grow up by accepting them. In addition, doubt is something that hinders growth. And skepticism of others is nothing more than a reflection of distrust of self. All ideas about others are projections of our own thoughts (should be born from the heart). When we fully accept ourselves, we can also openly accept others with trust.

Therefore, the concept of the whole book is: discover and accept the complete self, and then cultivate the soul of the self to achieve a more complete state. At the same time, intimacy (including all aspects of life) will go further.

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