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Rabbit Poem After Reading Composition 300 Words

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After reading Bunny Slope, 300 words :

The classic reading book Rabbit Bunny deeply attracted me. I read the book repeatedly, and my heart fluttered toward the green grassland and the hills covered with alfalfa and mildew. Animals are neighbors and friends. However, this is a fairy tale, and I feel as if I am reading a book.

I love the bunny Joey. It's so smart and brave. The mother rabbit is as kind as the mother in real life. The father rabbit is always a gentleman who looks stable and elegant. I ’m not surprised, and there are Voles, foxes, and other foxes. They are vividly portrayed in the book. They are very disgusted to live a life of insufficiency. The arrival will bring them a happy life with plenty of food and clothing.

After the new family moved in, it was really hardworking and generous, and it gave the little animals hope of a midsummer night's harvest, but also saved Widge and Georgie, and resolved their misunderstandings about humans with their actual actions.

This book made me understand that human beings are also the same. Only hard work can create wealth. Only love can warm our home and treat the surroundings with a heart full of love and tolerance. Our world will be more harmonious. Only peace Only by building a happy home can we make our home, the earth, more beautiful and rich. Author: Ma Ruoxi


Rabbit Poo read 300 words :

During the winter vacation, my father and I watched the international award-winning novel "Rabbit Slope". The content of the book is rich and exciting, and it makes my heart move. It also made me discover my shortcomings.

The whole book mainly talks about: in a far, far place, there is a mysterious slope called rabbit slope. There are some kind and cute animals living on Rabbit Hill. They live very happily with each other. One day, a new family came up from Rabbit Hill. They treated the animals very friendly and helped the animals a lot. The animals were very satisfied. However, the happy life was immediately broken, and the little animals had some misunderstandings about the new family. Later, the misunderstandings were resolved, and they lived happily together again!

In the book, I like the little rabbit Qiao Qi who puts the difficulties behind him. He is always so fearless and hard-working. Qiao Qi's courage to face difficulties made me think of me who often escaped difficulties. When I do homework, I often get irritated as soon as I encounter a problem. I do n’t calm down and think about how to solve the problem. Instead, I drop the homework and play it. When I turn around to see it, I just run to ask my parents for answers. I didn't listen when my parents explained. I just kept the answer in my heart. When I took the exam, I didn't do it and just repeated the mistakes.

It wasn't until I read this book that I realized that I couldn't just avoid difficulties blindly. I had to face them bravely, leaving them behind like Chic Bunny!

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