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"This is our ship" 800 words after reading composition

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"This is our ship" 800 words after reading:

When I think of a ship, the first impression in my mind is an expeditionary giant ship. Maybe it is like the "treasure ship" of Zheng He when he went to the Western Ocean in the Ming Dynasty. Maybe it is like the "Carrier" of the US carrier during World War II. Or it is more like the Caribbean. The never-sinking "Black Pearl" in the pirates, but when they are sailing in the vast sea, you may wish to pull up the lens you imagine, to 10 meters, 100 meters, 1 kilometers ..., You will find that they seem so insignificant in the sea, the storm and tsunami, and the boundless sailing make the ship so insignificant. And what about the people on board? Like ants, like insects, hugged the ship tightly, because the ship is all they have in the sea, is the means to survive the storm, and is the only way to take them to the port. I was impressed with a sentence in the book: "As long as we get on board, we are tied to the ship. This ship is our ship. The future of the ship determines our future, and the fate of the ship determines the fate of the ship. Our destiny is over. We will be buried in the sea when the ship is overturned. The ship is at stake with us. We leave our destiny to the ship to deal with. "Life is like the sea, we are the insignificant" ant ". It ’s not easy. It takes us to unite and help each other. Let ’s sail our boat out of the waves and head towards the harbor in our hearts.

1. Everyone on the boat should do their best to do what they should do. The helmsman's task is to steer the helm, and the sailor's task is to paddle. In the limited space of "boat", only everyone can fulfill his duties, and the boat can sail forward steadily. Humans do not fulfill their responsibilities, and materials do not make the best use of them, which will inevitably cause huge troubles and can only maintain short-term navigation.


2. Everyone on board should keep a clear head and don't expect anything else to happen. There is a saying "All grasshoppers on the line" When a boat is overturned, it will be buried in the sea, and chaos on the boat will be affected. If the boat does not leave, it will cause damage to everyone on the boat. So do n’t expect anything wrong with the sailor who is rowing with you, because his mistake will slow the boat down, and it ’s not good for you personally; do n’t expect other people on the boat who have conflicts with each other. Disagreement, because it doesn't make any sense to our sailing.

3. Everyone on board must have a big picture, and the stability of navigation is good for everyone. Everyone picked up firewood and the flames were high, and everyone paddled the ship. On a solitary ship with limited resources, any internal friction will affect the ship's navigation, and it will cause the risk of loss to the hull when facing the challenge of rapids. The stability of the big ship's navigation, I think the sailors have extra time and energy, can go fishing, crabbing, enjoy the scenery along the way, and when the sailing fails, all the energy must be repairing the ship.

Finally, I would like to share with you a historical story to end today's exchange with you. During the 16th century Ming Wanli, a famous "naked sea battle" took place on the Korean peninsula. It successfully blocked more than a hundred iron kayaks in Japan. I think the soldiers on each ship were thinking, this is our ship, it must not sink, it will take us to triumph. Author: Cai Bokun

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