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"The Art of Communication" 300-word composition after reading

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300 Words in the Art of Communication:

Communication with people in life is essential. Whether it is active or passive, what is the significance of communication? Like drinking tea, it is bitter, astringent, mellow, fragrant, sweet, and only you know it.

The perspective of this book's analysis has opened the door to a new world. By the way, I will talk about the future push plan of this public account. In the past, it was mainly the push of technical rolls. Now I think about it again and again. See what you see, what you hear, what you feel in serials in Evernote.

The art of communication is divided into three parts: "looking into people", "seeing outside" and "seeing between people". The focus is on the nature of analysis, interpersonal relationships, and communication.


What's the point of communication?

Professor Ai Yuejin of Nankai University said: The essence of communication is two points: 1. the exchange of information 2. the enhancement of feelings.

The art of communication This book talks about the benefits of communication, divided into physical and psychological ones. The prevalence of cardiovascular disease is lower in people with more physical communication than in people with less communication, with fewer colds and longer life. Psychologically, it is reflected in the need for identification, social needs, safety needs, and self-esteem. In my opinion, communication is essential, and communication ability is a soft power.

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