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"Seeing" 800 words after reading composition

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Facing it frankly is the best way to watch— "Reading" after reading 800 words:

Through the years of family or friendship, have you ever watched in the eyes, looking at the far away back, whether there are dim tears, the body that is moving away, whether you can still see the footprints of growth . Maybe it is written in the book:

"I slowly and slowly learned that the so-called father-daughter mother-child game only means that your fate with him is that this life is constantly watching him back and forth. You stand on the path of this At one end, watch as he gradually disappears where the path turns. And he silently tells you with his back: No need to chase. "

The word line outlines that growth is a hurry and parting. The author's feelings with parents, brothers, and children slowly settle down into words in the passage of time, so clear, so delicate, with a touch of sadness.

Sons grow up, fathers die, mothers fade, brothers and sisters drift away. Yes, on the muddy path of life, the mother looked at the child's back, and slowly disappeared from the crowd in the noise, and the separation one by one was that they wanted to tell us that this is life, everyone must go through.

I spent five or six years in the countryside when I was a kid, where my enlightenment teacher, my little friends, and the elementary school campus where I had been studying for a few years-stationed in the vast green fields. On the way out of school, when I was immersed in the laughter with my partners, my mother standing next to the school gate was looking at the green field for a long time, and the fields fluttering with the wind were matched with an endless blue sky. Like a long scroll that never fades.


But I saw that my mother—brown was a little bit lost, and her eyes seemed to flicker with firm eyes. She took my hand and walked on the way home, telling me that tomorrow we are going to develop in a “developed” city. Work hard. In the new city, you must get used to reading and living there.

Although it is meaningful, but no matter how young and willful, I am not dare to look into the distance, I am afraid, and the more I rush to watch, the harder it is to part with it. After growing up, I have developed in this new city Shenzhen for many years. When I was studying in Zhuhai, I probably had a strong sense of independence. Every time my mother wanted to send me to the bus stop, I refused my mother's request. After all, the luggage was not Many, do not want to bother mothers who are busy with business.

More importantly, I was afraid. I was in the bus on the side of the fear. The reverberation of my ears was the words of my mother ’s sincerity. On the other side, my mother was far away. The eyes, as hard as ever to leave when I left my hometown as a child, settled in my heart, tingling in pain.

There is nothing impassioned or big-hearted in the book of Eye Watch. We can always find similar resonance in the simple daily lives of parents, children, and brothers, so we have finished reading and reflecting, so kind and warm. , Never forget.

With me, I just hope that there will be less regrets in the growth we see and be watched by others ... After reading, I realized that from now on, I understand that love is remembered, and I start thinking, and companionship is what we can do for them. The best thing, no matter what, is to accept all the hurried departures of this life and face it frankly. Author: Yuan Liu Hong

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