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Read "Ferryman" with 1000 words

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Read the ferry people have 1000 words:

I've seen the soul ferry starring in Liang Chaowei and Jincheng Wu. At that time, there was no wave in my heart, and I even felt that this was a nonsense funny film that made people unconscious. At the time, what I said about ferry people should be cognition and understanding, that is, people in the cartoon who help you forget the pain and troubles and let you reach another world.

I have a stereotype about the "ferryman".

They should be wearing bucket hats, wearing brown thatched jackets, and a long bamboo pole can penetrate the calm lake at any time. The brim is low, showing only half of the expressionless face. Silent. calm. Hold a bamboo pole, draw a layer of ripples, poke away the reed bushes, and pierce through the thick fog until the people on the boat are sent to the opposite bank.

Claire McFall's "Ferryman" not only opened up my knowledge of the ferryman, but also aroused psychological resonance.

The "Ferryman" story tells the myth of a girl who had an accident on the train to meet her father, who had never met him, and met her own ferryman, crossing the wasteland, and finally bringing the ferryman back to her own world.

It is a history of spiritual growth. Dylan is a 15-year-old girl. Her personality is different from others: she is sensitive inside, sensitive to the ridicule of others; she is swaying inside, whether she wants to bring her favorite toy on the train; she is rebellious, and tired of her mother Chatter. She is just a childish child. At this time, her heart was full of grass and swamps, crazy ideas, solitary solitude, hesitation and fear. But in getting along with the ferryman, she gradually learned to face up bravely and consider issues from the perspective of others.


The ferryman Tristan originally regarded work as a meaningful thing. Later, in endless repetitive work, he began to become numb and selfish and greedy. He regarded work as his primary purpose, whether by deception or coercion. His client, as long as he completes the task. At the beginning he was just cold, sitting on the grass, waiting, the man's arrival.

The name of the ferryman does not point to Tristan, although in the book his profession is a ferryman. If Tristan is a ferryman who helps Dylan escape from death to that world, then Dylan is a soul ferryman who calls and awakens Tristan to get rid of his working machine.

Some people think that this is a myth book. Those wastelands, those evil spirits, and that place are non-existent second worlds. And I only saw a little girl in a car accident. The desire to survive emerged in the brain, and finally survived. Survive by love, abundant by love.

"If fate is a lonely river,

Who is the ferry of your soul? "

Most people may not describe the feeling of death.

It really felt like I was holding my neck, having trouble breathing, but struggling but couldn't help it.

The reason I say this is because I have felt the touch of the god of death many times. But many times it was consciously in danger, and the brain did not think deeply about it. One day, I fainted. Well fell in front of many people. The cause is not detailed. That feeling is the same as the feeling of heatstroke in college military training: tinnitus, deafness, blurred vision, pale face, and weak legs. However, heat stroke did not make me faint. It may take two seconds that day, and my consciousness is lost to the second time.

There was no darkness, no wind, no sunlight, no sunlight, and time seemed to stop beating. Screaming, groping, shouting, no response, no rescue. That world I only hear my own voice. I asked myself if I was going to die somehow at this noon? Am I going to succumb to this fate? Have I finished what I want to do? Does my dream and life end? No, I am not willing. Even if I can only live one more day, no matter I am sick or disabled, I will wake up even if I live another day. Because I have n’t been enough with the person I love, I have n’t really grown up to meet the suffering of life, and I have n’t seen enough sunshine, that mountain, that water.

The world is so big, I haven't seen it yet;

Life is so exciting, I haven't started yet.

Opening my eyes, it was five or six people who took the flat car and hurriedly lifted me outside the door. How comfortable it is to lie down. It's just that my limbs relax and I almost miss the world. The light stabbed my eyes, staring at the front narrowly, so stunned, but couldn't say that I was awake. Finally I heard the first sentence, "You're awake!" I went back to God and responded, "Well, I feel like I have a long dream."

That dream is terrible to come.

Returning to the book of the ferryman, when Dylan woke up, she was rescued by the search and rescue team, and she actually saw that the ferryman also appeared in the real world. The story is so long, and in reality she just encountered a car accident—and was rescued by someone—waking up, it's that simple. I read this book after experiencing it. The feelings in the book read so much like myself.

There is a sentence in the book, "Your body is the projection of your mind image. This wasteland is the same." Dylan's state of mind is a wasteland. In the wasteland without love, no grass is born. My state of mind is my fear. Fear is like a tiger.

"You, if I really exist,

It's also because you need me. "

The last paragraph of the story:

"Hi." She also said softly,

"It turns out you are here."

"I am here."

She brought back Tristan, but in my eyes, Tristan is actually herself who had bravely struggled with death and had a strong desire for life. Because of love, the wasteland is full of life, because of love, life becomes moist.

I may have met a ferryman. But I was not taken to that heaven by him, and I also brought back my "Tristan". Author: Albert non-rain

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