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200 Words in the Norwegian Forest

时间:2019年09月12日 Source: jajshop.com Time: September 12, 2019

200 words in Norwegian forest:

During this holiday I revisited Haruki Murakami's love novel "The Forest of Norway". Seeing Haruki Murakami again in his calm language about Watanabe's youth, seeing life and death, death and sex, sex and love, frankness and sincerity in the youth, Naoko's lonely soul wandering in confusion In the end, he chose to die, leaving Watanabe to be confused and miserable, until he found some kind of analgesic in Luzi who could help him out and help him survive. The characters in the book are more or less part of ourselves. The author ’s words are right to the heart and emotional entanglements, and the plight of the public is not allowed to be displayed in front of one's eyes, and to experience the life of the people in the book. I am honored to have such an excellent work.

Author: Accounting 1604 Jiangyao Lin

Hulanhe read 300 words after reading:

What kind of place is Hulan River, so Xiao Hong has such memories. At first, I was attracted by the name "Biography of Hulan River". With the introduction of a university Chinese teacher, I wanted to learn about Xiao Hong's world. Only after reading this book can I really understand the term "customs and customs". From the customs, I write the human relationship, and from the human relationship to the world. Every day, I pick up the book in the dead of night, as if I can only walk into the village of Hulan River at this time.


In the frontier city in which era, people ’s lives are nothing more than what is written in the book, “People there are all dark, they go to sleep, and when they are dawn, they get up to work, all year round, spring flowers, autumn rain, winter snow, It's just that with the seasons wearing cotton coats, Baijia Note Network () took off their singles and lived. "Because of the ease of life, in the eyes of people, the burning clouds of the Hulan River have changed a lot, it is fun and lively, so that The people's dusk has something to fill the vacancy. However, their nights should not be as rich as we are now! They won't stay up all night, like us, and get drunk in the bright streets.

Author: Accounting 1604 Duxin Lei

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