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800 characters after reading China on foot

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800 words after reading China on foot:

For many nights, I followed his footsteps a little bit every day and went far away. Finally, I read the hooligan's "Hiking China" completely one night ago, and at this time, my own journey also Will start!

Rick Hooligan is an exchange student from Germany, studying at the Beijing Film Academy. He has the enviable height and burly build of Asians, but also attracts countless young Chinese women. At the age of 26, he decided to give himself a gift-walking from Beijing to Germany on foot. And this gift is not only for himself, but also for his girlfriend, a Chengdu girl studying in Germany: Baby Elephant.

The main line in the book is to record what he has seen and walked along the way, contact and communicate with local people and become local friends. But the most attractive aspect is the separation and combination between him and his girlfriend, the elephant, and the impact of Eastern and Western emotions, ideas and values.

There are many descriptions of the romantic and beautiful dates of the two flying around Dirk during his trip and the disputes and conflicts between the two different values, so that when Dirk had not left China, the elephant could not stand the loneliness. With another love to break up, Dirk flew to Germany to keep his love with Baby Elephant. The ending was in a German cafe, but hopeful Dirk was disappointedly rejected by Baby Elephant! A journey that could have been very romantic for love was lost in the face of distance and value differences. For this journey of love, Dirk, who was born after 1980, only had to walk 4646 kilometers from Beijing to Xinjiang!


After reading this book, I thought of another couple, the Chinese-American Gu Yue and the German girlfriend Ika's transnational love. They traveled together for travel and love, but the nationalities of the hero and heroine have been exchanged, and they still walk It ’s a male. Baijia Note.com also travels from Beijing to Germany. His girlfriend Ika is waiting in Germany. Gu Yue has been on the road. Gu Yue relies on the help of strangers and rides 88 times, passing over 16,000 kilometers , 13 countries, through China, Central Asia and Europe, until Berlin and Ika hug together, how difficult a journey for love, a special couple gift. Seeing the end, I was also moved to tears.

This is the documentary "Hitchhiking to Berlin" shown by Travel Satellite TV. The opening line of this documentary is: "Some things you don't do now, you will never do."

We live in a diverse world. In fact, there are many choices for lifestyle, and the decision is entirely up to you! Author: hidden in small ridge

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