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800 words after reading "Perseverance"

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800 words after reading "Perseverance":

People with a growth mindset are more resilient and more likely to succeed

The authors conducted a questionnaire survey of the growth mentality of 2,000 high school students. We found that students with a growth mindset were significantly more determined than those with a fixed mindset. More importantly, more determined students will also get higher scores, and they are more likely to be admitted to college after graduation and continue to finish college.

Later, the author did the same test on young children and seniors. In each type of sample, I found that the growth mentality and persistence go hand in hand. Believe that you will grow, believe that you will change, believe in hope, and persist in learning. Accepting failure, accepting the sadness and discouragement of failure, this is not shameful, who hasn't got any emotion yet? But the growth mentality can quickly get rid of pessimism and make a comeback quickly.

Today I uttered a trance to a friend once, and controlled for a very short time. Then I adjusted my emotions and said with a smile: Who has n’t had a trunch? Accept failure, accept discouragement, and quickly adjust your mindset. This is my rule: blame one person for controlling in three sentences, and try to control one thing in a short time.

Recently, I persisted in reading and writing articles. I believe that my writing ability can be improved, and I believe that reading can make me understand more about myself and the world. I hope reading and writing can change me. No, it has changed me. better.


Perseverance should be cultivated from an early age

When we talked about education issues with other people the other day, our unified view is that we can accept children's small failures, and let children respond independently when encountering a small crisis. Failure is also experience. Children who have experienced failure are more resolute.

The author advocates that children should choose an after-school activity and stick to it. I personally agree that a favorite after-school activity will not only help the child's communication, but also help to temper his will. Not easy.

Conclusion: Perseverance refers more to the mentality. I once heard a friend say "permissible". The general idea is to allow recognition of all the problems that have occurred in the surrounding area. Do n’t worry about what happened to me as soon as something happened. Accept calmly, face right, and solve rationally.

Perseverance is the use of willpower to keep advancing toward the goal. This goal must be good, beloved, and hopeful. Perseverance stands for inner firmness and optimism, perseverance and defeat.

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