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800 Words in Composition after Reading

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800 words after reading "Fortitude":

"Perseverance" is written by Angela Duckworth. Perseverance is a Chinese vocabulary, which means firm and persevering. In this article more refers to persistence and will. The author not only points out the purpose of perseverance, but also proposes ways to strengthen perseverance. Foreign authors like to cite a case for analysis and demonstration, and draw successful experience from successful people. It is found that the common characteristic of successful people is persistence. Not everyone's so-called talent.

Success is about talent, but more about perseverance

There is an old saying in China: hurt Zhongyong; It means that talent is not a determining factor. Having a good talent is only a leading starting point. What is more important is the process of hard work. People without talents can easily surpass those with talents and not hard work.

Talent is not important. What is important is your efforts in achieving your goals. Only by working hard can you achieve your goals. The world often says "genius" to envy successful people. In fact, this is just an excuse for the world to shirk. If you have the determination and strive to pursue your goals, talent is not an excuse for failure.

Perseverance must have goals, and ambitious goals must be broken down into intermediate and even small goals. Seeing the goals and working hard to achieve them, all religions will provide a goal for believers to pursue and yearn, as will the parties. The more ambitious the goal, the stronger the vitality of the organization. Without it, the more difficult the goal is, the more worthwhile it is.

Wang Jianlin said that before engaging in a grand cause, set a small goal, such as making a hundred million. Perseverance must not only have ambitious goals, but also small goals under the big goals. Persist in accomplishing them, so that you can have a sense of accomplishment. Small goals should be achieved by working hard.


I've seen anti-fragility, that's what it says. Set goals a little, disappointment can be a little bit, so is the relationship between husband and wife, accepting the other party's actual existence, this can only discover the other party's joy of progress. When we set goals, we have not only ambitious goals, but also small goals, which can be summarized into every day. For example, I now keep an article every day, get up early every day, exercise, and communicate with my father for half an hour every day.

Perseverance to learn to give up

Some people know that something is impossible to achieve, they have to be stubborn and do not look back when they encounter Nanshan. This is stupid. If you do something, you know you can't do it. You have to learn to give up. Sometimes giving up requires courage than persistence. This kind of courage is called perseverance. After giving up, it doesn't hurt the heart and the courage to return.

Perseverance sometimes means not only persistence, but also perseverance after a failure or abandonment. Things that are not satisfactory in life, ten out of ten, life is at stake, the most important thing is not persistence, but perseverance. Wang Xing of Meituan.com failed a dozen times before he finally succeeded. Failure is actually not terrible. The terrible thing is once failure When it is over, give up, or even embark on a dead end.

I was repeatedly unemployed and re-employed before the thirties, and nothing happened. At the age of thirty, I could n’t take out six thousand dollars. If I did n’t have a strong heart, I would have been slumped for a long time, and there would be no chance to gain a foothold in the first-tier cities now. . The actual failure is not terrible. What is terrible is the internal failure. As long as you have a strong and optimistic heart, and then the failure will come again, what is terrible?

Perseverance increases with age

I ’m old, I ’ve learned a lot, I know what I need, and I can stick to it. Some of my friends got married in their early twenties, and finally got into trouble. They were divorced, they were quarrelling, and it was too early to get married. I don't know what I need.

Only at a certain age, can you face your heart, know your own needs and bottom line, then you can find your own object without regrets, you can face your work life without regrets, and persist in perseverance. Author: Flying Cloud

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