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"Interpretation of People" 500 words after reading composition

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"Interpretation of People" after reading 500 words:

If I have done anything meaningful this week, I must have read the book Human Interpretation. To be honest, I also looked at it because of boredom. Who knows, the more I look at it, the more silly girl, are you sure that "upper head" is used this way?-Mother's Note), I will talk about this book today.

There are two main points in this book. The first is a person named Edgar Casey. No one is more interested in this person than his "hypnosis". The example that impressed me is him. Through his therapy, a crazy girl was cured without the aid of any tools.

The second is the so-called "soul reincarnation".

Then someone would say: What is reincarnation? Is n’t it superstition or religion? Others will say: What do you call Casey so bullish, if he is really so powerful, why have I never heard of it? And now that science and technology are so developed, science and technology have revealed the mystery almost, how come a reincarnation? Can you believe it?

Actually I thought so before, but I have been shocked now.

Casey has done more than 2,000 interpretations of life-that is, the "hypnosis therapy" I said earlier. And he and other scientists pointed out on these examples: the real life of man is the soul, not the flesh. Real death is death of the soul, not death of the flesh.


There is also a scientist in the book, Gina, who has spent 20 years researching Casey's discovery. The final conclusion is that each soul is not only one life, but many lives. Casey and reincarnation, these are the pavements. People care about themselves. This book also writes about knowing who you really are and how to choose a career that suits you. Looking at it from a higher perspective, from the perspective of soul reincarnation, these issues are thoroughly explained. This book tells us what is going on from such a height.

Our traditional worldview relies on scientific development, and science has its own limitations, which has led to the limitation of our three views. Scientific development is a process of overthrowing old ideas. The world view is also the same. From the geocentric theory to the heliocentric theory, which one does not overthrow the old knowledge? Which one did not shock the world?

After reading this book, I hope that we will stop thinking that the reincarnation of the soul is just superstition, but look at it with a more open mind, and look at the world!

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