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1000 Words in Composition after Reading "Living Law"

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Reading lively good-1000 words after reading "Living Law":

In mid-December, I finally received the book "Living Law". I went to Fan Deng to read the book and read the whole book. I couldn't help but sigh: Kazuo Inamori's state of mind really has the taste of simplicity.

Why do people live? Mr. Kazuo Inamori opened his door and told us: the meaning of life is to improve the mind, to hone the soul. With a better and nobler soul to meet death, this is our process from birth to death. The thing that changes the most is our soul. When our soul can become more pure and better, the meaning of our life Already achieved. Among them, I like the "six advances" to sharpen my mind, and there are two formulas.

The first formula is personality on page 8 = personality + philosophy. If personality is something innate and what is brought into memory, then philosophy is something that we gradually develop little by little the day after tomorrow. What is philosophy? What makes a person right is what a person is to be considered a real person. What is correct or wrong is the basis of such a judgment as philosophy. Therefore, we have been educated since childhood, such as not lying, not disturbing others, being upright, not greedy, not just looking at ourselves, etc., no matter which one, we were constantly educated by others in childhood Is the simplest philosophy. If we can judge our lives based on these simplest philosophies and decide whether we should do this thing or not, then our lives will be much simpler. However, as our lives continue to grow, the basis on which we do things is no longer the simplest philosophical rules, but the inertia of society. What others are doing, what the current trend is, how to make money come faster. You will find that when you deviate from those philosophies, we tend to go astray. Philosophy can transform our personality and realize our higher level personality.


Then the second formula is on page 13: result = way of thinking passion ability. Is ability important? It is important, but not the most important. Ability is high or low, but it is at least a score of zero or more, which can be compensated the day after tomorrow. People's enthusiasm is different, they must like to ignite enthusiasm. We often mention in leadership training that there are three people in the team. Which three are there? Just like three types of firewood, the first type is flammable and is called a flammable substance. The second kind is non-combustible substances that cannot be ignited by ignition. The third kind is self-combustible substances that can burn by themselves.

I hope we can be spontaneous people in our work, that is, work in the middle of the vortex. If you want to stand out in the team and be seen by your boss as a competent person, the most effective way is to jump into the vortex. Whatever is the hardest and what the focus is, I'll do whatever it takes to overcome the difficulties. Even if you can't be a spontaneous and hardworking worker, you should also be a flammable person. When others tell you that I hope you can do it after you work hard. Non-flammable, that is, no matter how much others encourage you, no matter how you take him to do it, he can't do it. At this time, such people are generally considered to be very dangerous in the team and need special attention. Today I will also share a case with you. I took my daughter to a piano concert on a Saturday. A grandmother was nearly 70 years old and wore a big red dress. She played generously on the stage and performed "Liang Zhu". Her fingering was skillful and the music was flowing. We all guessed. Qin has been at least for many years, and later learned that the red grandma was learning the piano in half a year. When the flowers were presented, the red grandma summed it up: I just like to learn piano, so I always accompany my granddaughter to learn piano and ask the teacher, every day and granddaughter. Rushing to practice the piano, so he and his granddaughter have made great progress! This matter touched us a lot, and really answered the 85-page sentence in the book, "I like to ignite enthusiasm."

Continuing with this second formula, the result = way of thinking passion ability. There are positive and negative ways of thinking. If a person's way of thinking is wrong and his thinking is negative, you will find that the higher his ability and enthusiasm in front of him, the more likely he is to do things wrong, such as Hitler, Powerful and enthusiastic, but when his way of thinking is completely wrong, it will become the biggest executioner in human history. In life, we are not as serious as fascism, but if you are a person with a negative attitude, you may violate the most basic values of life. What kind of thinking is the right way of thinking? Kazuo Inamori thinks you have to think first. You have to dare to think of those beautiful, right, very colorful futures. Then you have to do it. At this moment, do this thing right now. At this time, you will find that your mood is actually very happy. This is the positive state. Mr. Kazuo Inamori explains what it means to achieve what you want, which is the effect when you focus on doing one thing extremely, imagine a colorful future, and plan your life and things to be done very seriously Children, this is what you dare to insist on, and you will definitely achieve what you want.

Of course, the so-called living method is the living method of others. You cannot live for others. You can only live in the realm of others if you work hard to learn from others' methods.

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