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"Letter to Son" 500 Words Composition after Reading

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Behind the mountain, my father, "Letter to Son," felt 500 words after reading:

It was Father's Day in a blink of an eye. The other day I read Dean Cheng's monthly recommendation "Letter to Son", which made me think of my father, Comrade Pharaoh.

Coming from childhood to old age, Comrade Pharaoh laughed and rarely lost his temper in my impression. He also took good care of me. He didn't scoop seeds when he was a kid. Pharaoh was afraid that the seeds would get stuck in me. He would peel them every day. Even if he is not at home tomorrow, he will peel the seeds to me in a bowl. Here, the Pharaoh told me that a small handful of edible seeds were delicious. Now, Pharaoh still has this habit. Every time I eat melon seeds, as long as I'm by the side, not a while, Pharaoh will let me open my hand and fill me with a full hand of melon seeds.


For a while, I found that Pharaoh and I had less words, and were not good at talking. I no longer asked if I was tired at the unit. Did I eat or eat in the morning? Did I have any troubles recently ... I thought Pharaoh did n’t care about him. "Cotton jacket", and now I understand that my mother has become a "messenger" between us. Sometimes when I do n’t see Pharaoh in the night shift, my situation is transmitted to Pharaoh through my mother.

Home is my safe haven. When I get more difficult and frustrated, it is the first place I think of. Pharaoh is also the first person I think of, like a beacon of a port, guiding me home, I embarked on a journey again ... Although Comrade Pharaoh is very ordinary, where he is, I feel very warm and have confidence in everything I do, even if he doesn't say anything, but as long as he is there! Author: Wang Wei

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