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"Three Body" After Reading Composition 200 Words

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"Three Body" after reading 200 words :

This book opened my imagination and shocked me over and over again. With simple knowledge of physics, it is difficult to understand what a three-body problem is, dimensions, strong interaction forces, and space curvature.

It's not how shocking the physics of the future is, but whether we will face the alien civilization as the book says? If there is an alien civilization, two or more civilizations, is it really a dark forest system?

I have to admire the author's deep thinking. I still remember the metaphor that everyone in the dark forest is a hunter. There is a flash of light in the darkness. The most time-saving and safest way is to fire a bullet at that location.

The three bodies are not so much a science fiction novel as a prediction of a long time in the future of humanity and even the universe. Even if there are many unreasonable places, who can tell their reasonable prophecy?


After reading three characters, I feel about 200 words :

After reading "Three Body", I know the vastness of the universe. In the universe, there will be new life constantly. From when the earth is the center of the universe to the sky and the sky outside, we humans are constantly growing and progressing, and our understanding of the world is constantly expanding. In the eyes of the three-body person, the earth people may only be bugs with insufficient wisdom, low technology, and good at concealing their own thoughts, but to survive, the bugs must adapt to various environments, not dream environments to adapt to us.

Closing the book, I thought about it carefully. We humans are living on the earth, and we are constantly making progress. The vast universe attracts us to continue to explore and attracts us to realize the real flying dream. Technology is constantly developing. Many years later, maybe we can be in space and continue to explore this vast universe, and be able to adapt to the wider universe's living environment.

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