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800 words after reading "Give Letter to Garcia"

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800 words after reading "Giving Letters to Garcia":

The book "Give Letter to Garcia" tells an inspirational story in the 19th-century Spanish-American war. Andrew Rowen, a young lieutenant, was commissioned in danger, without any excuses, without any excuses, for his absolute Loyalty, responsibility, hardships and obstacles, and finally completed the task, praising the spirit of Rowan. Although this story has passed for more than 100 years, the Rowan spirit is still needed in this era.

Among them, his aggressiveness to complete the task, the courage and indomitable spirit to go alone in Longtan are the strongest guarantees for his success. He later became a symbol of dedication, obedience, hard work, and initiative. And I understand more about what is expressed and praised in the book-trust, action, practicality.

Trust is the cornerstone of a team's success. The latter part of the original book says that the ability to send the letter to Garcia is not only the strong execution of the protagonist, but also a team behind him. Allow him to complete the task smoothly during the long journey of 9 days. Without Colonel Wagner's understanding and trust in the quality of Rowan's subordinates, without the decisive and clear instructions of the decision maker, Mr. President, and without the teamwork of assistants such as Gervasio, how can he be dedicated, obedient, and proactive with his own power It is absolutely difficult to achieve a successful outcome for personal interests, team interests and national interests. It made me realize the importance of the team! Teams are not just collaborations at work, but also trust among team partners. It is even more important to believe in yourself, to value your own value, the value of life, and the meaning of life. Many people are looking for it, many people are consciously exploring it, and many people are doing it silently and unconsciously, depicting their lives. Living in this society, we only have to deal with our position in this society and understand some basic relationships of this society, we can be more adaptable to this society, in other words, rather than adapt to society, it is better to deal with various lives Relationship problems encountered in.


Action is a manifestation of execution. Microsoft chairman Bill Gates once said to his employees: "People can be great, but they can't be irresponsible." Bill Gates said this sentence based on his recognition of the importance of execution. of. Because a person has only a high sense of responsibility, can he be brave in the execution, and strive to be perfect in every step, and complete the plan or task according to quality and quantity. Therefore, Microsoft attaches great importance to the cultivation of employees' sense of responsibility, which has also become an important standard for Microsoft to recruit employees. It is based on this approach that Microsoft's first-class execution has been achieved, and a well-known and powerful Microsoft business empire has been created. Nowadays, the competition in various industries is becoming increasingly fierce, and the market is surging. The future competition is the competition of human resources and the competition of responsibilities. The responsibilities of each employee are the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Similarly, each employee has only a high level of Responsibility will have perfect execution.

Practically, we will write both words, but not all of us have them. It used to be that these two words that were practical were a very common word, but nowadays it seems more and more expensive. It made me reflect on whether I was as passionate and down-to-earth as when I first had work. Often, after getting familiar with work for a period of time, people will become lazy and careless, and it seems to have become the norm. Ignore the fact that it is the proper attitude to do well and stick to it. We have less consideration and more dedication in our work; less complaining and more responsibility; less lazy and more motivated. With this state of affairs, we will cherish our work much more, and with a contented and hard-working attitude, we will do our work as perfect as possible to win the respect of others. Every company wants to have Rowan-like employees. After reading The Letter to Garcia, I reflect on whether I have the same quality as Rowan? In the daily work, I welcome every visitor warmly, and of course I get a variety of gains in communicating with each visitor. Work should be done with all your strength. This is not only responsible to others, but also to yourself. You must strive to do everything, stop complaining, and be a person who does not need supervision and has integrity and integrity. Author: Qu Tao

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