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500 Words after Reading Peter Pan

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After reading Peter Pan Peter Pan 500 words:

There is a place where every child can fly to reach, but adults can't find it; there is a truth, every life is getting old, only Peter. Pan never grows up! There is a desire that every child can fly and fly to their own "Island of Dreams".

After reading Peter Pan Peter Pan, my heart is always eager to have such a "dream island"-free, happy, and free of worries.

The three children in Mr. Darin's family couldn't withstand the temptation of Peter Pan, the mysterious wild child flying from the air, and soon learned to fly, flying out of the window overnight with their parents away, to the strange "dream island ". This island has both ferocious beasts and "red men" from primitive tribes, and terrible pirates, and of course fairies and mermaids. In short, everything that often appears in children's dreams and fantasies is here. . So there is hunting against the beasts, there is a real war between the reds and the pirates or between the children and the pirates. The children were free from adulthood, free and unrestrained, and under Peter Pan's leadership, they handled all their own affairs, played with themselves, and experienced various dangers. Later, these children who ran away from home-especially their older sister Wendy-began to miss their mother. With her mobilization, the children said goodbye to the "Dream Island" that brought them infinite joy and flew back. at home. Later they all grew up as adults. Only Peter Pan never grew up and never went home. He always flew outside, taking generations of children away from the family, and letting them enjoy the freedom and joy of childhood on the "Island of Dreams".


This book brings us stories with magical colors. Let us be there, as if we really came to "Dream Island" and met the lively and cute characters in the book. If in reality we always stay in this free time, and can be like Peter Pan. How good it is to learn to fly like Pan! How I wish I would never grow up like Peter Pan. No troubles, no stress, no worries, living freely in free space. ?

I like Neverland very much, but I can't leave my mother. "A child with a mother is like a treasure." Only mother's arms are the warmest in the world! Author: Wang Qiao Yu

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